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Ties to Louis Farrakhan? Anti-Semitism and the Leftist Women's March

Ties to Louis Farrakhan? Anti-Semitism and the Leftist Women's March Read Transcript

- The liberal women's march will follow

the march for life thisweekend on the grounds

of the nation's capital.

It's getting lots of attention this year

for concern over antisemitism,including leaders

associating with antisemitslike Louis Farrakhan.

I spoke with Tiana Loweat the Washington Examiner

about the march and concernfor the direction it's heading.

Tiana, tell us about theclaims of antisemitism

among the leadership of the women's march.

- There is this extremelydamning tabloid report

that came out last monththat alleged that member,

Tamika Mallory, who's theco-President of the women's march,

in one of the initial meetingsestablishing the organization

had insinuated this conspiracythat Jews are to blame

for anti-black oppression.

And then there's beenthe continued association

with Rasmea Odeh, a convictedterrorist who's killed Jews

and most notably, LindaSarsour, Tamika Mallory,

and Carmen Perez' devotionto Louis Farrakhan

who has equated Jews with termites.

- Tell us about what happened on The View

with the women's marchCo-President, Tamika Mallory.

- So, it took none other thana daytime talk show host,

Meghan McCain, to question Tamika Mallory,

hold her feet to thefire and not just say,

"Do you think that Farrakhan is wrong,

"but do you condemn what he has to say?"

Tamika Mallory, it was astonishing!

She continually fell back on,

"I do not agree with everything he says.

"However, I won't condemn it."

Then attempted to useidentity politics to spin away

her responsibility forassociating with a man

who has used extremelyviolent and hateful,

openly antisemiticlanguage to describe Jews.

- Is there a disconnect withthe leaders of the march

and what other women in thecountry want or believe?

- Certainly.

I mean, I think thatthe women's march is not

inherently a terribleconcept, female empowerment

matters in a country where womenstill have to make strides.

But most women don't wannabe sliced and diced into this

intersectional catastrophewhere they have to

alienate pro-life women,where they have to alienate

Christian women, there theyhave to alienate Jewish women,

and you're on this intensehierarchy of oppression

where you have more pointsif you're more LGBTQ

or if you're more of a woman of color.

This is not what women want.

Women want to uplift eachother, not tear each other down.

- You've also written thatsome of the march leaders

have ties to terrorists.

- Yes, so Angela Daviswill be speaking at the

women's march.

She is a convicted terrorist.

She was formerly on the FBI's most wanted

and Rasmea Odeh, someonewho they were fighting for.

The hashtag was Justice for Rasmea

and she, again, convicted, found guilty

of killing two Jews in Israel.

- How is this playing outin today's political arena?

- So I think, for awhile, those in the left

thought that they couldcoast by on continuing

to associate with the women's march

because they were seen asintersectional feminist heroes,

they hated the president,they were hateful towards

all the right people, theyalienated pro-life Christians.

But I think now that people are seeing

that intersectionalityalways devours its own

because you cannot claimthe mantle of oppression

without blaming someone else.

- Tiana Low with the Washington Examiner.

Thank you for your time.



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