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CBN NewsWatch PM: January 18, 2019

CBN NewsWatch PM: January 18, 2019 Read Transcript

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- [Announcer] This is CBN Newswatch.

- And thank you so much for joining us

for this edition of CBN Newswatch,

I'm Efrem Graham.

Thousands marched in Washington today

about a shutdown, but notthe government, however.

They want to end the abortion industry.

Paul Strand reports nowfrom the March for Life,

which the President boosted today.

- The pro-life movement,like all those gathered here

for the March for Life, is vast,

with people representing allsorts of interesting ideas

inside of the movement.

- And we gather here because we believe,

as our founders did,that we are, all of us,

born and unborn, endowed by our Creator,

with certain unalienable rights,

and first among theserights is the right to life.

(audience cheers)

- [Paul] Vice President Pence

also introduced a special guest.

- This is a movementfounded on love and grounded

in the nobility and dignityof every human life.

When we look into theeyes of a newborn child,

we see the beauty in the human soul

and the majesty of God's creation.

We know that every life has meaning

and that every life is worth protecting.

- [Paul] The Presidentreiterated his support

for the Hyde Amendment andother pro-life legislation.

- I will always defend the first right

in our Declaration ofIndependence, the right to life.

- [Paul] Brian Fisher of Human Coalition

wants to see this administration

do even more to tackle abortion,

like how it's escalatedthe fight against opioids.

- HHS, Health and Human Services,

has just launched a five-point plan

to be able to combat theopioid addiction crisis,

which unfortunately kills115 people every day

in the country.

We support HHS's launching that plan.

Our question is simply abortion kills

3,000 pre-born children a day,

where is the five-point plan

to end the leading causeof death in America?

- [Paul] Susanna Edwards lether outfit do the talking.

She hopes people will look at her dress,

made of baby clothes, and thinkof all the lives that ended

before they could wearthose little outfits.

- All of this has been worn by a real baby

and there are many babiesthat won't get to this point

and so the naturalreaction to baby clothes,

people are you know, theaww, and all of that,

but I want that kind of,the care and affection

to be brought to the unborn child

as well as the born child.

- [Paul] Elaine Websterwants women to avoid the pain

she still feels decadeslater over her abortion

and the counsel she gotfrom a pro-choice doctor.

- She told me that it was nothing more

than a little sprouted wheat seed.

- [Paul] Her husband,Barry, still feels guilty

about not trying to talk Elaine out of it

and called out men who don'tfight for their unborn babies.

- The fact that I didn't support my wife

really led to us making that decision.

Stand up.

You know, it's our purposeto support our women.

- [Paul] 27 students came here together

from small Colorado Christian University

showing what an issue thisis for young people today.

- Just the fact of what abortion is

and what it does to people.

And so I think we're out here

because we care for allof life, all of people.

- [Paul] Susie Otte traveled

from South Carolina for this march.

- I have real heart for babiesand, well, people in general.

They're all God's creationand they should not be killed.

- [Paul] But her sister, Joanne Gonzalez,

came all the way from California,

saying abortion defiesGod's intent to create life.

- Generation aftergeneration it's his plan

and we're thwarting it through abortion.

- So much is on the line.

Abortion is now thenumber one cause of death.

42 million babiesslaughtered across the world

last year alone, that's 125,000 a day.

That's why these peoplemarch, to end that.

Paul Strand, CBN News, reportingfrom the March for Life.

- And joining us now with more

is the President of Studentsfor Life Kristan Hawkins.

So Kristan, how are things going today?

What was the turnout like?

- The turnout was huge.

We saw so many Students for Life leaders

across the country, so many young people.

It was amazing.

We heard the Vice Presidentcall out the pro-life generation

on stage at the March for Life.

That was an incredible moment.

And so I think, I've beendisappointed a little bit.

I haven't seen as much mediaas I've seen in previous years,

and so I'm a little bit worried

how the media's gonnaportray this march today

and how they're gonna say,what they're gonna say,

but really, the pro-life generation

and the pro-life movement showed up

just like we do every single year.

- Anything differentabout this year's march

than previous years?

- Well definitely I thinkthe government shutdown

has impacted, like I said,a lot of the media coverage.

A lot of people are choosingnot to cover the march.

I think there's a lot more hope too.

You saw that you've gotJustice Neil Gorsuch,

Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

I was just up at the SupremeCourt and there was a group,

about 50 pro-abortion protesters there.

They came out and they're angry

and they're mad and they're...

and they know Roe is going to go away

and it's going to go away very soon.

- What is the impact ofthe pro-life community

and what you're hopingto have with this march?

- Well obviously, this marchisn't gonna save a life today.

Unless someone here rightnow in Washington D.C.

sees a sign, it's very hard to say,

will this march save lives right here?

But we know it's gonna save lives

because there's hundreds of thousands

of young people who've come here today

and who are going togo back home tomorrow.

They're gonna go back home Sunday

after our national conferenceand they're gonna know

that they're not alone,that they are a part

of the pro-life generationand that they can stand up,

that they've stood upwith hundreds of thousands

of Americans and they can do more.

That's why I love this march

'cause everyone comes, gets excited,

knows that they're not alone,they get reinvigorated.

Tomorrow we have our national conference,

so it's the world's largestpro-life conference,

the Students for Life Conference,over 2,500 young people.

So, they march today,tomorrow I will give them

their marching orders for whatto do when they go back home

and we're going to save lives.

- Real quick, could you preview

what you're hoping toaccomplish this year?

- What we're hoping toaccomplish this year

is to carry the momentumforward, we had a setback.

This year in the elections,

with the Democrats takingcontrol of the House

and the Democratic NationalCommittee's platform

is an extremist platform,which our poll just showed

the majority of millennials,93% of the millennials,

are against the DemocraticNational Committee's platform

of abortion, whenever,wherever and taxpayer funded.

So, we've had this setbackand things are going to be

more challenging in Washington D.C.

but I'm hoping today people see

that this is why they'vebeen called to this moment.

They've been called to this moment

to stand up for thosemost vulnerable among us,

that they can do it rightin their communities,

in their State Houses, on their campuses.

I hope the administration sees this,

President Trump's administration,

because there's more we've gotta do

and there's promises thatPresident Trump's made

that we still need him to fulfill

and it's in his administration

that's gonna have to step up here,

especially now withwith a divided Congress.

- Kristan Hawkins, thankyou so much for your time.

- Yeah, thanks for having me.

- The ongoing US government shutdown

has left many essential departments closed

and one of those departmentsis running out of money

and that is the Immigration Court.

The Executive Office forImmigration Review in Miami

has closed and more than40,000 immigration hearings

have been canceled dueto a funding shortage.

Immigrants are being turnedaway with a private guard

being the only personthat they get to talk to.

One Judge said, "It is devastating

as many immigrants are now in limbo."

- For an administrationthat has put so much focus

on the deportation machineand making sure cases

are being moved quicklythrough the system,

it's really impacted theimmigration courts so severely

and all the federal employees involved,

so it's really hugelyproblematic for all of us.

It's just increasingthe tremendous backlog

that we do already have.

- Today is day 28 ofthe government shutdown

as the President andDemocrats continue to fight

over his demand for that $5billion for a border wall.

Senator Lindsey Graham metwith Turkey's President

and other Turkish officials Friday,

to discuss the situation in Syria

as the US prepares to withdraw troops.

This comes days after thesuicide bombing by Isis

that killed two US service members

and two American civilians.

Graham said he isconcerned President Trump's

withdrawal announcement has emboldened

the Islamic state militantsand created dangerous

and uncertainty for American allies.

Today's talks were alsoexpected to include a proposal

for the creation of a safezone in northeast Syria.

Israeli forces havedemolished the family home

of a Palestinian chargedwith fatally stabbing

an American-Israelisettler several months ago.

Israeli soldiers destroyedKhalil Jabarin's apartment

with explosives after thefamily cleared out early Friday.

The 17-year-old was accused of killing

a US born settler activistat a mall in September.

The military says dozens of Palestinians

protesting the demolition,

hurled rocks towards Israeli soldiers.

Israeli forces say they were then forced

to respond with riot dispersal means,

which usually refers to rubbertipped bullets and tear gas.

Israel claims home demolition

serve as a deterrentto potential attackers.

The World Council ofChurches calls itself broad

and inclusive with thegoal of Christian unity.

A new report also claims the organization

is behind a program to trainyoung people in the West Bank

as observers, then send themhome as anti-Israel advocates.

CBN Middle Eastcorrespondent, Julie Stahl,

brings us the story now from Jerusalem.

- [Julie] This effort is called

the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme

in Palestine and Israel or EAPPI.

The World Council of Churchesstarted the program in 2002.

Since then, it's sent some 1,800volunteers to the West Bank

to witness what it callslife under occupation.

These volunteers then headhome to tell churches,

congregations and others about it.

Those presentations oftentake a very negative

and even anti-Semitic tone.

- It has got nothing to do with it.

- [Julie] The WCC denounces anti-Semitism

as a sin against God andspokesperson, Peter Prove

tells CBN News that the programis all about human rights.

- [Peter] The ultimatepurposes of the program

are to address human right violations,

impacts upon human dignity

and to promote on the positive side,

a just peace for both peoples.

- [Julie] A report bythe NGO Monitor however,

paints a different picture

of these so-called training camps.

- That is the main tool fortraining anti-Israel activists

within church organizationsand churches around the world

and it's also the main toolfor inserting anti-Israel

and anti-Zionist propaganda and rhetoric

into those same churches.

- [Julie] According to Prove,the volunteers take part

in every day life with the Palestinians.

- [Peter] They're there toprovide a protective presence.

Secondly, they're thereto observe, monitor

and report on events that they observe.

- [Julie] Yona Schiffmiller said,

NGO Monitor found there'smore to the story.

- In fact, what EAPPI isreally doing is coming here,

gaining credibility forthemselves to go back

to their home churches and tospread anti-Israel diatribes.

- [Julie] Yosef Daher is coordinator

of the Jerusalem centerthat hosts the volunteers.

He explains how they view Jesus' command

to love your enemies.

- [Julie] Resistanceusually refers to terrorism

but Daher said as Christians,they only promote boycott,

divestment and sanctions movement or BDS.

In response to the report,the WCC said it only promotes

boycotting goods from Israeli settlements.

That's not Daher's view.

- [Julie] The WCC recognizesIsrael's right to exist

according to international law

but doesn't connect it to the Bible.

Dr. Robert Smith works with the volunteers

and explained it earlier.

- The biblical narrative of Israel

has almost nothing to dowith contemporary Israel

other than the intentionalmanipulation of sacred text

to justify a political project.

The Global Kairos Movement declared

that any Christian theologythat supports Zionism is heresy.

- [Julie] David Parsons is Vice President

of the InternationalChristian Embassy Jerusalem.

He described the 2009Kairos Palestine declaration

as misguided.

- For someone to brandChristian Zionism heresy,

this is troubling groundbecause Jesus himself

affirmed the restorationof Israel in Matthew 19,

the Apostle Peter doesit in Acts chapter three,

and Paul does it in Romans chapter 11.

So, these were all affirminga belief in Biblical Zionism,

the belief that the Jewswould be restored to the land.

So, are you callingJesus himself a heretic?

- [Julie] Funding for thevolunteer training program

comes from the World Council of Churches

as well as European governments.

NGO Monitor would like thosecountries to reevaluate

that support and the WCCto recognize Israel's right

to exist as a Jewish state.

Julie Stahl, CBN News, Jerusalem.

- A massive swarm oflocusts and cockroaches,

an estimated 30,000, has descendedon Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis took to socialmedia showing the bugs flying

in every direction andeven swarming the walls

and floors of the Great Mosque.

A mosque official said they had to deploy

22 sanitation teams to combat the pests,

specifically targetingbreeding and gathering sites

such as toilets and water drains.

The Great Mosque in Mecca

is the second largest is the world.

(news theme music)Coming up.

One lawmaker talks white supremacist

and white nationalist and is called on it,

another supports anti-Semitismand is it now a member

of the national media calls out his own,

a few leaders in Congressfor a double standard.

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Did you know there are morethan 148 million orphans

in the world today?

148 million.

But it was three little girls

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My husband and I spent nearly a month

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That experience changedme forever and out of it

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- Is there a doublestandard among politicians

and the media when it comes to condemning

the words and actionsof members of Congress?

A recent sanctioning ofRepublican Representative

Steve King of Iowa andthe lack of the same

with Democratic RepresentativeRashida Tlaib of Michigan

has the Washington Examiner columnist

Philip Klein asking questions.

He joins us now with more on the piece.

Phillip, King says The NewYork Times misrepresented

what he meant when hewas discussing racism

and the use of labelslike white supremacist

and white nationalist.

Wanna take a listen to aclip from Representative King

in response to the articleon the House floor.

Take a listen.

- So once again, I rejectthose labels and the ideology

they define and as Itold The New York Times,

it's not about race, it'snever been about race.

One of my most strongly held beliefs

is that we are all created in God's image

and that human life issacred in all of it's forms.

- Now King said it was a56 minute phone interview

with The Times and hiscomments were misunderstood.

Did The Times overreachin your estimation?

- I mean, they quoted him asasking what was so offensive

about the terms whitesupremacist and white nationalist

and those comments were deplorable

but I think what's interestingis what the reaction was

because when Steve Kingmade those comments

he was widely condemnedfrom the White House,

from Republican leadersin the House and Senate

and the House leadershipwent about stripping him

of committee assignments.

However, when it comesto the Democratic side,

Representative Rashida Tlaib,

a new freshman Democrat,came in and has made a string

of anti-Semitic statementsand forget about stripping her

of committee assignments,

she hasn't even beencriticized by any Democrats

who evidently are okay with anti-Semitism.

- Have Republicans criticized

or been critical of those statements?

- Yes, there have beencriticisms of the statements.

Rashida Tlaib, even in thefew months since her election

she's come out in favor ofthe boycott Israel movement.

She defended Marc LamontHill, a CNN pundit,

who was fired after he made statements

calling for the elimination of Israel

from the river to the seaand for defending the idea

of violent resistance against Jews.

She also came out and she said

of those supporting ananti-BDS legislation,

what country do you represent?

Which brings up the old dual loyalty smear

which is one of the age-oldattacks on Jews in this country.

The idea that somehowthey're not really loyal

to their own country.

- Now you say she even posed for a picture

with a Palestinian activist

who has praised theterrorist group Hezbollah.

Did that get the attentionof the Democratic leadership

or the media?

- No, it did not.

At a private receptioncelebrating her swearing in

in her home of Detroit,

she was photographed with somebody

who has a long historyof praising Hezbollah,

saying Israeli Jewsshould go back to Poland

where three million Jews were massacred

during the Holocaust.

And those are the type ofpeople she's associating with

and when some of us reported on this,

she lashed out at the right wing media

and said, "I'm Palestinianand Muslim, deal with it."

Which I found odd becausethe suggestion there is what,

that if she's Palestinian

of course she supportsHezbollah activists,

it doesn't particularly make sense to me.

Again, what I think this comes down to

is that Democrats have a festering problem

with anti-Semitism within their own caucus

and we're seeing this play out right now

in the Women's March, where the leadership

of the Women's March hasbeen virulently anti-Semite,

has praised Louis Farrakhan,there's a deafening silence.

- We're out of time andlet that be the last word.

Philip Klein, thank you for your insight.

- Thank you.

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- Japan is facing its highestsuicide rate in 30 years.

Lucille Talusan brings usthe story now from Tokyo.

- [Lucille] Aiko Kudou stillfinds it hard to believe

that her childhoodfriend committed suicide.

- [Interpreter] How canhe take his own life

and leave behind his family in misery.

He got depressed when hismother did not approve

the school of his choice.

He ran away from home.

After three days he was founddead in a park restroom.

He cut his wrists and bled to death.

- The suicide rate among young Japanese

has risen to its highestlevel in three decades.

According to the Ministry of Education,

250 elementary and high school students

committed suicide last year.

Reports say that based onthe notes left by these kids,

bullying is the main reason

that pushed them to end their life.

- [Interpreter] Being part of a group

is very important in our culture

and that is why if the child is different,

basically he is always bullied.

- [Lucille] Pastor Miyaharasays people who take this route,

often lack purpose in life.

Throughout history, Japan haslacked a dominant religion.

Religion is perceived as tradition,

not a way to find purpose andreligion is not a priority.

Japanese seek other ways for fulfillment.

Mina Kuboi gives free hugsat the Shibuya Train Station.

- I give free hugs becauseI wanted people to relax.

- [Lucille] When asked whatshe knows about Jesus...

- Jesus...

- Do you think religion is important?

- Yes, but for me it's not important.

- [Lucille] Less than 1%of Japanese population

is Christian, this is why Pastor Miyahara

is committed to share the Gospel.

He preaches outside thetrain station each day

as people head home from work.

- [Interpreter] Jesus commandedme to share the Gospel

and that's what I do.

Some stop and have a conversation with me.

That's when I tell them about Jesus' love

and sacrifice for them.

And I also get the opportunityto lead them to prayer.

- [Lucille] PastorMiyahara believes Christ

can solve the suicide problemby helping desperate people

find hope and a reason to live.

Lucille Talusan, CBN News, Tokyo.

(uplifting music)

- [Pat] When you give,

smiles grow bigger.

When you care,

homes are happier.

When you comfort,

the hurt goes away.

When we all come together to love,

miracles happen.

- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are morethan 148 million orphans

in the world today?

148 million.

But it was three little girls

that taught me aboutthe plight of orphans.

My husband and I spent nearly a month

emersed in the daily activitiesof a Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw first hand the utterloneliness, the pain of rejection

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changedme forever and out of it

grew a ministry from my heartcalled Orphan's Promise.

Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes,

they're being educated andthey're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to join with me

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- Before we say goodbye,take a look at this,

farm animals at St. Peter's Basilica

for blessings at the Vatican Thursday.

January 17th is known as theFeast of St. Anthony the Abbot,

who was the patron saintof domestic animals.

What a beautiful sight there.

Thank you so much for joining us.

We'll see you right back here on Monday.

Goodbye everybody.

God Bless.

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