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March for Life: Focus on the Family President Shares the Project Close to His Heart

March for Life: Focus on the Family President Shares the Project Close to His Heart Read Transcript

- Well tomorrow is the46th annual March for Life

in Washington.

Tens of thousands are expectedto march on the National Mall

in support of protecting the unborn.

Every year the march happensaround the anniversary

of Roe v. Wade, the 1973case that legalized abortion

in the United States.

Since then an estimated 60million babies have been aborted.

The march includes a weekend of activities

including the Rose Dinner,

where Vice President Pencewill give an address.

Back in 2017 he madehistory when he addressed

the March for Life, just oneweek after the inauguration.

And last year President Trumpalso spoke via satellite.

This year the weather could be a challenge

for the march on the mall,as snow is forecasted

for the weekend.

One voice leading the pro-life cause

is Focus on the Family.

Earlier I sat down with president Jim Daly

to talk about the importanceof the March for Life,

and a pro-life project close to his heart.


Alright well Jim thanksso much for joining us,

welcome to Washington.

- It's great, great to be here.

- You have this issue of life,

obviously very importantto Focus on the Family.

One of the leading voices in this battle.

Why is it important forall of you to be here

for this March for Life?

- Well I think that's solidarity,

to say we are standingfor the pre-born child,

to say that that is a humanbeing made in the image of God,

and I think for tensof thousands of people

to come to Washington andsay "We agree with this,"

makes a statement to the culture

that they are not forgotten.

And I so appreciatethe momentum right now.

I think...

You know, technology hasreally helped to prove

that the baby in the wombis truly a baby in the womb,

it's not just a blob of tissue.

And I think more and more so the culture

is understanding that.

- [Interviewer] You knowand speaking of technology,

and you all are getting ready

to roll out your OptionUltrasound program.

Talk about that.

- Yeah it's a great program.

It's actually been happeningfor about 14 years,

we're gonna up the game, so to speak,

and put more machines around the country

but we've already placedabout 800 machines

around the country.

It's resulted in over425,000 babies being saved

and our goal is a million alive in 2025,

and that's what we're gonna try to do.

- So you know when peoplesee these ultrasounds,

it, they have a change of heart.

Talk about just the,the psychology of that

and how it really changes.

It can be a 180 forsomeone who, who has this.

- Yeah the numbers they're,

you know anywhere from 60 to 70 percent

of an abortion-minded woman,

when she receives counselingand sees the ultrasound,

actually uses that technologyto see the baby in the womb,

often sucking its thumbor waving its arms,

she has a change of heart.

60 to 70 percent of the,

of the women that go in for an abortion.

If they see the ultrasound they will say

"Wait a minute, I don't wanna do this."

And I think that's all about information.

And, you know I thinkthat's the difference

between the pro-life movementand the pro-abortion movement.

We're more than willing to show a woman

what is happening in her body.

Planned Parenthood and otherclinics typically will try

to prevent her from seeing that shot.

- And abortions in recent years,

the number is down.

Talk about just the, inthe context of history,

where does the pro-life movement and

the abortion issue stand right now today?

- Well, you know the difficulty,

so often we're looking at, at the numbers.

Staggering, 55 million children

have been taken through abortion.

It's the, the greatest

catastrophic loss of human life

in history.

55 million, it tops warsand combinations of wars,

so when you look at itfrom that perspective,

that's the heavy heart in this,

that the pro-life movement has,

is how many children havedied through abortion.

And yet, the numbers are down.

Our concern is it may be down because

of the morning after pill

and other pharmaceuticalsnow that are being used

after a woman you knowrealizes she's pregnant.

She can take pharmaceuticals in order

to terminate the pregnancy.

The great news is there's also a pill

that can reverse that,

once a woman if she regrets taking it,

if it's within a certain amount of time,

she can reverse the effects ofthose abort-efficient pills.

So, my point, and I think thepro-life movement's point is,

we need to understand that all life

is created in God's image.

We're all God's creatures.

And we need to protect them.

At the border, as well ashere in the womb of a mom.

- Jim Daly, with Focus on the Family.

Thanks so much.- Good to be with you.



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