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Faith Nation: January 18, 2019

Faith Nation: January 18, 2019 Read Transcript

(dramatic music)

- [Jennifer] Tonight, aftershocks

from another presidential bombshell

ripple through Washington.

- And the Presidentthen canceled the trip.

- [Jennifer] As the Presidentand the Speaker of the House

trade barbs over a government shutdown,

now in its record 28th day,

(protesters chant)

tens of thousands ofprotesters defend the unborn

in the 45th March for Life on Washington.

- We'd really like to getback to a culture of life.

- All that and a pro-lifefashion line tonight.

(slow rhythmic music)

Welcome to Faith Nation.

I'm Jennifer Wishon.

We begin tonight with a second meeting.

The White House announced today

the President will hold a second summit

with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un

at the end of next month.

The two met last summer in Singapore

to discuss the denuclearizationof North Korea.

The White House will announcethe location of the meeting

at a later date.

President Trump reportedlydirected his personal attorney

to lie to Congress.

A BuzzFeed report claims the President

directed Michael Cohento lie about negotiations

to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

The report adds then-candidateTrump supported a plan

to visit Russia duringthe presidential campaign

in order to meet with RussianPresident Vladimir Putin

to negotiate the project.

Earlier this week, the President's nominee

for Attorney General was askedabout obstruction of justice

during his confirmation hearing.

- [Amy] You wrote on page one

that a president persuading a person

to commit perjury would be obstruction.

Is that right?

- (stammers) Yes.

- Okay.- Or any, any,

well, you know any person

who persuades another to--- Any person.

- Yeah.- Okay.

You also said that a president

or any person convincing a witness

to change testimony would be obstruction.

Is that right?

- Yes.

- So if there was some reason to believe

that the President tried to coach somebody

not to testify or testify falsely,

that could be obstruction of justice?

- Yes, under that, under anobstruction statute, yes.

- Well to help us break downthe big news from BuzzFeed

and what it could meanfor President Trump,

I am joined by Rick Klein,Political Director for ABC News,

and our very own ChiefPolitical Analyst David Brody.

Gentlemen, thank you for being here.

Guys, first, can we touch on the veracity

of this BuzzFeed article?

Is this a reliable source, David?

- Well, I guess we're gonna wait and see.

I will say this, BuzzFeedhas had a history,

whether it be publishing theentire dossier, at one point,

that controversial dossier.

And not just that, but JasonLeopold, one of the reporters,

has had somewhat of a checkered past,

publishing in 2006 astory about Karl Rove,

saying that Karl Rovewas gonna be indicted

and then he had to retract that story.

So all of this baggage is kinda coming up

so now we wait and see whether or not

this ends up being true.

But boy, if true, Rick,

I would think that's gotta be a big deal.

- I think it's a game changer of a story

if it proves to be true.

I mean the headlinealone kind of tells you

how the narrative changes suddenly.

This is not about obscure legal statutes

or obscure conversations.

This would be the Presidentof the United States

telling someone to go lie about something.

Now that's a big deal, and I think

is even his Attorney General nominee

acknowledged earlier inthe week that's a crime.

And you've had a number of Democrats

who have not been publiclyon the record on impeachment

saying if this is true,

then impeachment has to be discussed,

and I think that's wherethe discussion moves.

- [Jennifer] Well David, whatdo you think this does mean

for the President?

- Well here is the disclaimer,

and the disclaimer isone word, and it's if,

that word, if, and it's inbold and it's that 48 font

and it's all caps.

However, if that goes awayand this, indeed, is true,

as Rick was talkingabout, I gotta tell you,

it feels to me like game,set, match for the President

because there doesn't seemto be much wiggle room here.

But here's the possible saving grace

for the White House andthe Trump administration.

How do you prove the smoking gun?

I mean, in other words,

if this is Michael Cohen'sword, a convicted liar

according to what theSpecial Counsel is saying,

then it makes you wonder

if it's a he said-he said situation,

then I wonder whether or not

this goes anywhere past that.

- I wonder, Rick, is thata problem for Bob Mueller?

Because you look at hisstar witnesses so far

and these are guys whohave said, yep, I lied.

- Yeah, and look, they're unreliable

and you have to think thatBob Mueller knows that

if you're gonna try to takea case to a grand jury.

I don't believe the wayBob Mueller would work

would just be taking the wordof unreliable individuals.

If everything is builton people who are lying

and admit to lying, his tapeand notes in federal court,

that's not a case.

We do know that Mueller,

well, the Southern Districtof New York rather,

seized a whole cache of recordsfrom Michael Cohen's office.

That's what got a lot of theball rolling a while back.

What's in there?

We also know that MichaelCohen has recordings.

Is there a recording thatdocuments it in some way?

Are there emails and communications?

That's what BuzzFeed is suggesting,

is that there is corroborating evidence.

I think all of that's important.

If it is just Michael Cohen's word,

I think the White House, the President,

have a pretty good response,

to say this is a guythat's got sour grapes.

He has said he's lying in the past.

Do not believe anything that he's saying.

- [Jennifer] Well taking thisship in a different direction,

we are now in the 28th day

of this partial government shutdown.

We have seen President Trump

and the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

going at each other tit for tat.

Who has the upper hand right now?

- You know, nobody looks good.

I don't think anyone in the public thinks

that taking away the Stateof the Union, on one hand,

and then saying, well,you can't fly on your trip

on the other hand, it doesn'tmake anyone look good.

I do think though thisis a week where Pelosi

has shown herself to be aco-equal force to Donald Trump,

and that I think is abit of a wake up call.

I think the President expected by now

that there'd be enough cracksin the Democratic ranks.

That hasn't happened.

There haven't been widespread defections

of the Republican side either.

But we're seeing whyPelosi is as good as she is

and why she's been doingit at the level she has

for as long as she has.

She is playing right back.

She is playing his game,

and I wouldn't say winning, necessarily,

but holding her own.

- She is holding her own.

I think the question is

then there's a dot, dot, dot, for now.

I just wonder how long this goes on.

I mean Donald Trump will getin the gutter with anybody

and Pelosi doesn'tnecessarily want to go there,

but she'll go there if she has to.

But I gotta tell you, I meanhe's a New York street brawler

who all he cares about is winning.

And so I just think that, ultimately,

Chuck and Nancy didn't quite expect

Donald Trump to go thisfar on the shutdown.

I think they're usedto Republicans caving.

They don't know what DonaldTrump's gonna do next

and I think that's Donald Trump's

biggest weapon at this point.

- Well, in the meantime,there's plenty of job security

for folks like us(David laughs)

to watch it all unfold.- That's right.

- We have a lot of material to work with.

- Right.- That's right.

- Rick Klein, David Brody, thank you.

- Thank you.- Thanks, Jennifer.

- Tens of thousands of pro-life Americans

marched for life in Washington today.

For activitists, it wastheir 46th annual trek

down the National Mall, andthey were met with not one,

but two surprise guests.

Here's our Senior WashingtonCorrespondent Paul Strand.

- The pro-life movement,like all those gathered here

for the March for Life, is vast,

with people representing allsorts of interests and ideas

inside of the movement.

- And we gather here because we believe,

as our founders did,that we are, all of us,

born and unborn, endowed by our creator

with certain unalienable rights,

and first among theserights is the right to life.

(audience cheers)

- [Paul] Vice President Pence

also introduced a special guest.

- This is a movement founded on love

and grounded in the nobility and dignity

of every human life.

When we look into theeyes of a newborn child,

we see the beauty and the human soul

and the majesty of God's creation.

We know that every life has meaning

and that every life is worth protecting.

- [Paul] The Presidentreiterated his support

for the Hyde Amendment andother pro-life legislation.

- I will always defend the first right

in our Declaration ofIndependence, the right to life.

- [Paul] Brian Fisher of Human Coalition

wants to see this administration

do even more to tackle abortion,

like how it's escalatedthe fight against opioids.

- HHS, Health and Human Services,

has just launched a five-point plan

to be able to combat theopioid addiction crisis

which, unfortunately, kills 115 people

every day in the country.

We support HHS's launching that plan.

Our question is simply abortion kills

3,000 pre-born children a day.

Where is the five-point plan

to end the leading causeof death in America?

- [Paul] Susanna Edwards lether outfit do the talking.

She hopes people will look at her dress,

made of baby clothes, andthink of all the lives

that ended before they couldwear those little outfits.

- All of this has been worn by a real baby

and there are many babiesthat won't get to this point.

And so the naturalreaction to baby clothes,

people you know, the aww and all of that,

but I want that kind of,the care and affection

to be brought to the unbornchild as well as the born child.

- [Paul] Elaine Webster wants women

to avoid the pain shestill feels decades later

over her abortion and the counsel she got

from a pro-choice doctor.

- She told me that it was nothing more

than a little sprouted wheat seed.

- [Paul] Her husband,Barry, still feels guilty

about not trying to talk Elaine out of it

and called out men who don'tfight for their unborn babies.

- The fact that I didn't support my wife

really led to us making that decision.

Stand up.

You know, it's our purposeto support our women.

- [Paul] 27 students came here together

from small Colorado Christian University,

showing what an issue thisis for young people today.

- Just the fact of what abortion is

and what it does to people.

And so I think we're out here

because we care for allof life, all of people.

- [Paul] Suzie Audi traveled

from South Carolina for this march.

- I have a real heart for babies

and, well people in general.

They're all God's creation

and they should not be killed.

- [Paul] But her sister, Joanne Gunsaulus,

came all the way from California,

saying abortion defiesGod's intent to create life.

- Generation after generation.

is His plan and we'rethwarting it through abortion.

- So much is on the line.

Abortion is now thenumber one cause of death,

42 million babiesslaughtered across the world

last year alone.

That's 125,000 a day.

That's why these peoplemarch, to end that.

Paul Strand, CBN News, reportingfrom the March for Life.

- Paul Strand, thank you.

We're joined now by Walter Hoye,

all the way from California.- Yeah.

- Thank you for being with us.

- It's awesome.

- You were actually arrested

outside of an abortionclinic in California

for simply holding a sign

that says God loves you andyour baby, let us help you.

Tell us how women who werecoming to this abortion clinic

responded to you and your sign.

- Well the women wereasking the three questions

that were asked on my sign

and we were letting themknow that God did love them

and God loved them and their baby

and that we would help them.

And it didn't matter what they needed.

It could be groceries, itcould be a place to stay.

It didn't matter.

We were going to help them.

And because we did,that got to be a problem

for the abortion clinic.

- So women were actuallycoming to the clinic

to seek your counsel?

- To get help.

One day, there were 27 appointments

at this abortion clinicduring a two-hour time frame.

There was no way theycould do 27 abortions

in a two-hour time frame.

But they weren't coming for an abortion.

They knew there was apreacher on the sidewalk

helping women and they cameby just to get the help.

- Wow.

And you were arrested?

- Yes, ultimately, they created a law

that made it illegal forme to stand on the sidewalk

within 100 feet of an abortion clinic,

this is a public sidewalk, holding a sign,

passing out literature,and having a conversation.

- Well, an investigativejournalist, Robert Artigo,

has written a book- He did.

- about your experience.

It is called Black andPro-Life in America.

That is quite a title.

Why is that appropriateand also interesting?

- Well, I think Robert did agreat job writing the book,

and the title is appropriatebecause the abortion issue

is the most controversialissue in the black church.

We'll talk about almosteverything but this issue,

and so it gets into whythat's a controversial topic

and what we can do about it in the future.

- Why is it not kind ofjust a settled issue,

you think, in the black church?

- Well, there reallyshould be a settled issue.

There's no question, biblically,

that the child insidethe womb, created by God,

is a living, breathing human being,

and we all know what it's like

to not be considered humanin the black community.

- That's very true.

Well sir, you are allthe way from California.

You know, folks typicallythink about California

as being pretty liberaland not so concerned

or interested in thepro-life movement per se,

but tell us about the pro-lifemovement in California.

- Well let me say the pro-lifemovement in California

is actually pretty strong.

As a matter of fact, on January 26th,

the Walk for Life West Coast

will be taking place in San Francisco.

I'm gonna be one of the speakers there.

I'll be joining Abby Johnsonas well as many others

and we'll have about 50,000 people there,

so we're looking forward to it.

- Wow.

Well, Walter, thank youso much for joining us

- Okay.- and sending the message

that God loves everyone and their babies.

We appreciate your time.

- All right.

Bless you.

- Thank you, God bless you.

Dr. Russell Moore is Presidentof the Southern Baptist

Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

The evangelical leader sat down

with CBN News WashingtonCorrespondent Amber Strong

in Virginia to give ushis evolving definition

of what it means to bea pro-life Christian

in America and more.

Take a look.

- So we are here for theEvangelicals for Life Conference.

If you had to summarize into a sentence,

what is the theme for this year?

- Well, the theme isreborn people, born again,

advocating for the vulnerable.

And so we really ought to be the people

who are applying thegospel of Jesus Christ

across the board.

And so we were people who were lost

and are now saved and are now found

and we were blind and now we see,

and so we ought to be thepeople who really understand

what it means to be on mission

with those that Jesuscalls the least of these,

his brothers and sisters.

- Kinda leads into my next question,

which seems to be evolving.

What is pro-life?

Well, pro-life is a commitment

to seeing every human beingcreated in the image of God

regardless of that person'sperceived usefulness

to the rest of society.

And that's one of the crisesthat we have right now.

When we think about theunborn, we have a legal system

that has sort of definedthe personhood away from

unborn children, and we seethat in multiple other areas

as well, not only here in America,

but also around the world.

It's the problem of people wanting to make

other people invisiblebecause they're inconvenient

So whether we're thinkingabout issues of euthanasia,

thinking about issues of elder care,

thinking about issues of what's happening

with many people with disabilities

who are being, in some cases, killed

and, in some cases, simply ignored.

A commitment to the image of God

and to God's valuing of all persons

ought to change the way that we live.

- You made an interestingpoint about surrogacy lately,

something the church doesn't touch on

very often,- Right.

- kind of advocating foradoption more than surrogacy.

Can you explain that a little better?

What are you saying?

Are you saying that surrogacyis a sin, is it wrong?

- Uh, yeah.- Or that adoption's better?

- Yeah, I think that God hasdesigned the one flesh union

for children to comethrough the one flesh union.

I think that some of our advancedreproductive technologies

often turn children into a commodity,

something to be manufactured,rather than a gift

and a miracle that comesabout through one flesh union.

So I think that, in many cases,

what happens is somebody who is part of

one half of a previouslyinfertile couple for many years,

what I've noticed is that, often,

people are grappling with infertility

only have one another to talk to.

So there may be a supportgroup in the church

for those who aregrappling with infertility,

but no one else in the body of Christ,

which means that, often, the only people

that one is able to talk to

are those in the health care profession

who are offering a specific alternative.

I think there's a better way.

I think there are all sortsof reproductive technologies

that can fix problemsthat cause infertility

that I think are perfectlyappropriate and ethical,

but not those that bypassthe one flesh union.

- Is there a void there?

As a woman, as a Christian woman,

there's something that's deep within us

that tell us we need to have children.

- [Russell] Yep, mm-hmm.

- And then when it doesn't happen,

- [Russell] Right.

- there's a void.

So what can the church be doing

to kind of step in there.

- Yeah, well, I think many things.

One of those things is toacknowledge infertility

and the genuine pain andstruggle of infertility

that the Bible speaks to repeatedly,

and so to talk aboutthat very real reality,

and also to not simplysegregate out people

who are grappling with infertility

from the rest of the church,

but actually minister to oneanother and be ministered to.

- When we come back, morefrom Dr. Russell Moore.

His take on media backlashafter the Vice President's wife

decided to take a job teachingart at a Christian school.

Stay with us.

(dramatic music)

Tonight, we know the namesof the US service members

killed by ISIS in asuicide attack in Syria.

37-year-old Jonathan Farmer from Florida

was a Chief WarrantOfficer for the US Army.

Shannon Kent was a 35-year-old New Yorker

and a Chief CryptologicTech for the US Navy.

Scott Wirtz from Missouri

was assigned to theDefense Intelligence Agency

for operation support.

This week, the announcementthat Karen Pence

would return to a Christianelementary school to teach art

was met with critical headlines.

Newspapers fixated on theNorthern Virginia school's

insistence that teachers,parents, and students

adhere to biblical views on marriage.

The Vice Presidentresponded to those attacks.

- [Mike] The attackson Christian education

by the mainstream media have got to stop.

We cherish the freedom ofreligion in this country.

This administration stands foursquare

for the freedom of religionof people of all faiths,

and to see the mainstreammedia criticize my wife

'cause she's choosing toreturn to the classroom

of an elementaryChristian school is wrong.

Again, attacks on Christianeducation must end.

- And we spoke to Dr. Russell Moore

for his take on the Pence family

and Christian teachings under fire.

- This one is a little more headlining.

In the news today was a story

about Second Lady Karen Pence taking a job

at Immanuel Christian, it'sa school here in Virginia.

- Yeah.

- The school has a policyabout traditional marriage.

And so she's kind ofgetting criticized for it.

I guess the question is

is the criticism becauseof her role as Second Lady,

or is the criticism becauseof just the changing culture

in the world and theacceptance of different things

and we as a church need to accept it?

Where does the criticism fall?

Or the school itself and its policies?

- Well, I think that thecriticism of the Second Lady

is completely illegitimate

because it's based upon the assumption

that not only can an evangelical Christian

not operate in a faith based setting

when one is simply married to

someone who is an elected official,

but neither could anOrthodox Jewish person

or a Muslim person ora Roman Catholic person

or an Eastern Orthodox.

These views about what marriage is

and what sexuality is for areheld by multiple religions

and faith traditions.

And so there's an assumption

in some avenues of American life

that would say, in order to bea part of acceptable society,

you have to be willing toadopt the sexual revolution

as almost a theology.

That's not a legitimate wayfor us to operate as Americans.

What we should say insteadis we have disagreements

on some of these issues.

We'll seek to persuade one another.

We'll debate one another.

But we're not gonna tryto marginalize one another

out of existence.

- Well, can't decide what towear for the March for Life?

When we come back, thestory of how one mother

teamed up with her daughtersto help fashionistas

wear their Christianvalues on their sleeve.

Tens of thousands took partin the March for Life today,

but who were they wearing?

Here's Jenna Browder.

- But the big joke in our family

was that I was eithergonna have to start sewing,

which is a really bad idea, Jenna,

because I'm very good with a glue gun,

but not with a sewing machine,

or we were gonna have tostart our own fashion line.

- [Jenna] And that'sexactly what Carla D'Addesi

and her three daughtersdid, introducing COL1972.

- We were eating pasta,

that's what good Italian families do,

and this idea came up

and we sketched everythingon a piece of paper

and we thought of COL1972.

We'd really like to get back

to a culture of life, the year 1972.

1973 is when our Supreme Court ruled

that the tiniest people didnot have the right to life.

And since 1973, there's60 million tiny people

who have not had the right to life.

- [Jenna] Carla says the line is meant

for girls just like her daughters.

- So we say that we're street chic

because you'll notice thatthe 10 to 30 year olds

just kind of live in this athleisurewear,

tights and really comfyfleece sweatshirts,

so we worked with a designerin L.A. in California

that has launched brands before

because we really wantthis brand to be excellent.

We don't want to do it in a shabby way

because it's not onlyrepresenting my family,

but celebration of life,this whole entire movement.

And so we worked with herand we chose kind of colors

that we thought kids would like

that are really hot right now.

- [Jenna] She says thereception so far has been huge,

pointing to just howmany pro-life young women

there are out there.

- So we did the research,by the way, also.

18 million teens, tweens, millennials,

girls in the UnitedStates, 18 million of them.

Nine million of themidentify as being pro-life,

which was such anencouragement to my daughters

and to I that nine millionidentify as loving life.

So we thought, wow, if wecan just present a product

to these young girls thatthey feel beautiful wearing,

glamorous wearing, and thenit's just this great message

that they can share withtheir college friends,

their high school friends, their family.

- [Jenna] She says their pieces

are also great conversation starters.

- The messaging is very quiet, you know,

and we're actually sharing with the kids

how to talk about the messaging.

So COL1972, if someone comes up

and says I love that camohat that you have on,

what does 1972 mean, youcan say that's a year

that we just celebratedall life, an amazing year,

we'd like to get back to that time.

- [Jenna] And for familieswho want to support companies

with values that align with theirs.

- But really, I'm a mom of three daughters

so, you know, our cardio isshopping, honestly, you know?

Like we are shopping all the time

and we just felt a little bit marginalized

because some of the messagingthat was on the shirts

just went against our coreprinciples, our core values.

And then again, like I said,

a lot of these peopleare using spokespeople

that maybe do not standfor the national anthem,

which is so important to our family.

We just feel like it's such a privilege

to stand for the pledge of allegiance

or the national anthem,

for those heroes that have gone before us

or even today right now thatare fighting for our freedom.

So we went to support companies

that support our core values.

So we say that COL1972is guilt-free shopping.

It is going to be shoppingthat is family approved,

mom and daddy approved,but also kid approved.

(mellow rhythmic music)

- So neat.

Well, you can learn more about COL72

on our website,

That's it for Faith Nation.

Have a great weekend.



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