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700 Club Interactive - August 18, 2017

Dr. Matt Harmon helps young and seasoned believers understand and apply their Bibles to every day life.

700 Club Interactive - August 17, 2017

A baby battles for his life while his family posts a call to prayer. See how his tumor vanishes overnight.

700 Club Interactive - August 16, 2017

Christian recording artist, Nicole C. Mullen discusses how her faith impacts investing in and mentoring young people.

700 Club Interactive - August 15, 2017

Jaci Velasquez has sold over five million albums and won 7 Dove Awards. The singer, writer, actress and fashion...

700 Club Interactive - August 14, 2017

A homeless drug addict gave his life to Jesus when he was 52-years-old. Now, he’s ministering to others homeless...

700 Club Interactive - August 11, 2017

Popular author and speaker Lisa Harper never married but always wanted a child; her life is forever changed when...

700 Club Interactive - August 10, 2017

Dr. Bennet Omalu, the subject of the major motion picture, Concussion, discusses the effects of brain injuries in...

700 Club Interactive - August 9, 2017

Many people with cancer suffer in silence, as they cope with their illness. See how one organization plans to...

700 Club Interactive - August 8, 2017

Abused as a child, a woman explores witchcraft and the goth culture hoping to control her life, instead of...

700 Club Interactive - August 7, 2017

"Saving Moses" founder Sarah Bowling visits to discuss saving babies from countries with the world's highest mortality rates.

700 Club Interactive - August 4, 2017

A freak accident tears the arm off a 12-year-old boy. See how the prayers for a miraculous recovery were answered.

700 Club Interactive - August 3, 2017

NFL safety Shemarko Thomas shares how the death of his parents changed his life.

700 Club Interactive - August 2, 2017

An unborn baby's brain was outside her body and doctors told the parents to abort, see why they chose...

700 Club Interactive - August 1, 2017

Dream City Church pastor Luke Barnett shares how we can become wide-eyed visionary dream chasers and live our God-sized dreams.

700 Club Interactive - July 31, 2017

Carlos felt trapped in a body he didn’t recognize after stepping on an IED, his anger driving his wife...

700 Club Interactive - July 28, 2017

Contemporary Christian artist Mandisa shares how the loss of a dear friend triggered food addiction and depression; she is...

700 Club Interactive - July 27, 2017

A couple was looking forward to the birth of their child when the soon-to-be mom suffered a stroke....

700 Club Interactive - July 26, 2017

A family’s faith is tested after a drowned child faces death.