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What do Christians Believe?

Does God Exist? Did Jesus really rise from the dead? This eight-part series features the top Christian thinkers of today going through the most popular arguments for – and against – Christianity. Journey through scientific, historical, and philosophical evidence and answer life's ultimate questions.

What do you do when your kids ask questions like 'where did the world come from?' or 'how do we know right from wrong?' or even 'did Jesus really exist?' Wes Rickards' set out to find the leading experts in these areas like Dr. Hugh Ross, William Lane Craig, Michael Licona, and Mary Jo Sharp to uncover the biblical truths about what Christians believe.

Wes Rickards is a veteran producer with the Christian Broadcasting Network, having served as a writer with The 700 Club, 700 Club Interactive, and within the CBN News department.

What Christians Believe is his most ambitious project to date. It's one he began in early 2019, sometime after his school-aged daughter asked, "how do we know the Bible is true?"

'What Do Christians Believe' results from Wes' research to answer his daughter's questions. His goal for the series is two-fold: First, to strengthen the faith of existing believers; secondly, to show non-believers a rational case for faith.

Wes is a graduate of both Regent University and Liberty University. He and his wife and their two children currently reside in Virginia.

Rickards interviewed and explored ideas and truths with these experts.
Dr. Hugh Ross
Astrophysicist, President and Founder of Reasons To Believe
Alycia Wood
Christian Apologist and Speaker
Dr. Gary Habermas
Historian, Author, Philosopher and Christian Apologist
Justin Brierley
Writer, Speaker and Broadcaster. Host of the Unbelievable? Radio Show
Mary Jo Sharp
Professor, Author and Speaker. Founder of Confident Christianity Apologetics Ministry
Michael Licona
Author, Associate Professor of Theology at Houston Baptist University and President of Risen Jesus, Inc
Paul Copan
Christian Theologian, Analytic Philosopher, Apologist and Author
William Lane Craig
Author and Speaker. Professor of Philosophy at Houston Baptist University
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