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OCTOber 27, 2005

5 Minutes with Bethany Dillon

Just 3 years ago, you would have said, “Bethany who?” Today, she’s a singer/songwriter with the CCM world at her fingertips. After her critically acclaimed self-titled debut splashed onto the scene in 2004, she followed it up with this year’s hit, Imagination. She took one step further when Dreamworks decided to use her song “Dreamer” for their movie of the same name starring Dakota Fanning.

Q: What attracted you to this project?

A: We got a phone call in April. I was in the middle of making my second CD. Dreamworks was making this movie Dreamer, and they were looking for songs for the end credits. They invited a bunch of artists to come to LA to see a screening of the movie and hopefully be inspired to write a song. I went and after seeing the movie, I so wanted to be a part of it. I knew it was a long shot. I wrote a song and sent it in. I prayed with my parents that God would open the doors that should be opened and to not if it wasn’t supposed to happen. A couple months later, they called to say that the song I wrote was gonna be in the movie. It’s kind of surreal but I’m really thankful for.

Q: How exciting, and it’s such a good song. How did you relate personally to the song you wrote?

A: It’s so much about real life and relationships. The movie honestly shows how everybody has been hurt somehow. Through the characters in the movie, especially through Dakota Fanning, you see hope being brought into broken things. For me, as a believer and a human being, I want to believe that that can happen. It’s a powerful thing.

Q: This is not the only project you’ve been on. You also contributed a song to the new Narnia film. That’s two big movies in one year. That is kinda surreal, isn’t it?

A: It is but at the same time, I am still just Beth to everyone. They know me well enough to not be impressed. Seasons are seasons, and I want God to use it the way He wants to.


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