Ebola Freak Out: Businesses Preying on Americans' Fears

As the Ebola virus is responsible for killing thousands of people worldwide, fear of the disease is quickly becoming big business in the United States.

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Americans Deserve a Pay Raise

When President Obama boasts that nearly every economic statistic is better now than when he entered office, that sounds like a laughable claim to many Americans.

Fracking Could Save the Planet

Since 2005, U.S. emissions are down roughly 10 percent and almost twice that amount on a per capita basis. How did that happen? If you think the answer is we've transitioned to green energy, you are completely wrong.

White House Cracking Down on Tax-Dodging Mergers

New regulations from the Treasury Department are aimed at making so-called "tax inversions" less lucrative. In such transactions, an American-owned business merges with a foreign company in a country with a lower tax rate.

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