Obamanomics and Its Victims

Politics is often filled with paradoxes and here is one that nearly defies explanation. You'd be surprised at what group of people have suffered the most from President Obama's economic policies.

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S&P: More Education Needed to Close Wealth Gap

The Standard & Poor's rating agency reports the rising wealth gap in the United States is slowing economic growth, but changing the tax code to narrow the gap isn't the answer.

Wanted: Young Farmers to Grow America's Food
As many of America's farmers are aging out, young farmers are needed, fast. One answer may be found at Polyface Farm, which offers a highly sought after internship on alternative farming.
More Americans Falling Behind on Debts

More than a third of Americans are falling far behind on their debts, so far behind that those debts are being reported to collection agencies, a new Urban Institute study revealed.

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