Will Cruz, Sanders Victories Lead to Contested Conventions?

The "Trump train" was derailed in Wisconsin as voters in the Badger State gave Ted Cruz a major victory over "The Donald." The big question now is – are the Republicans headed for a contested convention this summer?

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Sanders Wins 3 States; Clinton Retains Big Delegate Lead

 WASHINGTON (AP) - Bernie Sanders scored three wins in Western caucus contests Saturday, giving a powerful psychological boost to his supporters but doing little to move him closer to securing the Democratic nomination.

Cruz Scores Big Win in Utah, Trump Earns More Delegates in Arizona

Republican front-runner Donald Trump and Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton came out on top in the Tuesday primaries, but Trump challenger Sen. Ted Cruz also scored a big victory and a big endorsement.

Bigwig Candidates Make Case for Israel at AIPAC Conference
The annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee Conference always attracts a bi-partisan "Tier A" list of political bigwigs looking to show their solidarity with Israel -- and this year's speakers are making big headlines.
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