Virginia Pharmacist Makes History

Arlington, Va. – Green Valley Pharmacy in Arlington, Va. has been open almost every single day since 1952 – thanks to the hard work of Dr. Leonard Muse.

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Thousands Rally in Support of Indicted Pro-Life Activists

Thousands of supporters will gather outside the Harris County District Attorney's office in Houston this week to demand charges be dropped against the pro-life investigators indicted for releasing the undercover Planned Parenthood videos.

Dramatic Increase in Muslim-Amerians Involved in Terrorism Cases in 2015

The number of Muslim-Americans involved in terrorism cases "rose dramatically" in 2015, according to a new terrorism study.

Muslim in America: Did Obama's Mosque Speech Help?

During his first visit to an American mosque, President Barack Obama told Muslims they don't have to choose between their faith and their patriotism, but he may have further isolated some Muslims in the process.