Eyes on N. Korea, US, China Affirm Nuclear Security Commitment

At a recent summit, President Barack Obama and China's president exchanged views on many pressing issues, but safeguarding the Korean peninsula from nuclear weapons was of urgent concern.

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Why No One Cares about the 'Campaign of Death' against Christians

The bombing of Christians in Pakistan on Easter was just one of the latest examples of rising Christian persecution around the world. But most Americans don't understand how serious the state of Christian persecution is worldwide.

'One In, One Out' Questioned as First Deportees Dock in Turkey
The first three boatloads of migrants to be deported from Greece docked in Turkey on Monday. The move is part of the EU's new "one in, one out" deal, which aims to stem immigration to Europe.
EU High Court Rules Iranian Christian Convert Cannot Be Denied Asylum

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that governments must grant Iranian Christian converts a fair evaluation before they can be denied asylum and sent back to the Islam Republic.

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