ISIS Unfazed after Yearlong US-led Air Campaign

The year-long U.S.-led air campaign against ISIS has not weakened the jihadi army, according to U.S. intelligence officials.

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Kerry Faces Bipartisan Skepticism over Iran Accord
Secretary of State John Kerry faced tough questions Tuesday from members of both parties in a hearing held by the House Foreign Affairs Committee over the Iranian deal.
Kenya Rejects Obama's Gay Rights Lecture

In a tense exchange, Kenya's president rejected President Obama's lecture on gay rights, saying it was one value Christian Kenya does not share with the United States.

Top Iraq Shiite Cleric Calls for Protection of Army Families

Iraq's top Shiite cleric has called on the government in Baghdad to do all it can to protect the families of Iraqi forces fighting the Islamic State group, saying they are an "easy prey" for extremists bent on revenge attacks.

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