ISIS Losing Ground: Why That May Not Be a Good Thing
ISIS is no longer expanding in the Middle East, according to analyst Dr. Jonathan Spyer. But he warns that may cause the radical Islamic group to spread out more into international terrorism.
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Mideast on Fire: Jerusalem the Center of a Coming 'Perfect Storm'

Since 2011, the Middle East has gone through profound and historic changes, killing hundreds of thousands of people and forcing millions of others from their homes. Some believe the region could be on the verge of regional war with global consequences.

'Israel Should Be in Every Christian's Top Ten Prayer List'

Praying for Israel should be in every Christian's top 10 most important prayer items, Eliyahu Ben-Haim, chairman of the Intercessors for Israel (IFI) in Jerusalem, said.

Gay Therapy Group Finds New Home in Israel
A U.S. Jewish group promoting a type of gay conversion therapy has moved its work to Israel.
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