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Superbook Games

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Puzzle Games


Noah's Animal Roundup

Swap adjacent animals to match 3 or more animals in horizontal or vertical lines. The more you match the higher the score!


Noah's Animal Match

Noah needs your help loading the animals onto the ark. Click on the cards to flip them over and match two of the same animals.


Noah's Word Search

Just click on the first or last letter of the word and drag to select. The word will automatically be crossed off the list. Have fun!


Gizmo Repeater

Gizmo is having some circuit troubles. Help him to reset his systems by repeating the button sequences. Use your mouse to click the buttons or you can use your arrow keys.

Action Games


First Landing: Crazy Cargo Game

One of your shipmates has dropped his cargo into the bay. Be a good cabin boy and pick them up for him. Use your mouse to guide your boat and watch out for the rocks, ships and the current.


Superbook Classic: Slingshot Gallery

King Herod has sent his soldiers to kill Baby Jesus! Use your slingshot to distract the soldiers and help keep Jesus safe!


Superbook Classic: Adventures

Use your arrow buttons and space bar to help Chris find the key to get home. Watch out for cars!

Family Games


Noah's Animal Sound's Game

Noah is going on a long boat ride. Help him learn the sounds associated with all of the animals. When you hear a sound, click on the animal's picture.


Noah: Coloring Fun

Print out these pictures and let your kids enjoying a fun and educational coloring activity!


Firstlanding: Coloring Fun

Print out and color these pictures from First Landing

Select an image: Ship at Sea or First Landing

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