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CBN.comFrom being one of the original Jell-O Pudding kids in Bill Cosby commercials to her current hit, a one-woman show, Faith Alpher has unquestioningly demonstrated a gift to communicate. An entertainer by design, she has now garnered a broad range of experience in television/film, commercials, theater and comedy. Alpher is also a popular choice for mistress of ceremonies, well known for the enjoyment she brings with her quick wit and high energy. With a knack for tugging people’s heartstrings across generations, cultures and belief systems, she often moves her audience from hysterical laughter to quiet sobbing, all accomplished in her self-scripted one-woman show Through the Eyes of Faith. She is currently performing in the San Francisco Bay area, with plans underway to take her performance across the country.

Alpher has always enjoyed entertaining people. A friend of her family suggested that with six-year-old Alpher’s smile and spirited personality she would be aptly suited for television. Soon after, Alpher’s parents submitted her photo and application for an audition with Bill Cosby to advertise Jell-O. Hundreds of commercials and film parts were to follow, and Alpher knew what she wanted to do the rest of her life—entertain people.

While enduring the strict structures of her formal education, Alpher’s creative mind and naturally funny personality lay mostly dormant. “I knew how to be funny, but knew not to cross the line,” Alpher recalls. School wasn’t very exciting to Alpher, though thinking out of the box was. With such creativity, her unique learning style was problematic at times. If test directions were to fill in A, B or C, Alpher yearned to draw an oval for her own answer: D. And, occasionally, she did. In sixth grade, one of Alpher’s teachers recognized her spark: Sister Lucy told young Alpher, “Faith, someday you’re going to do something brilliant.” Alpher says today, “She planted good seeds in my life.”

By the time Alpher finished high school and struggled through some undergraduate courses, it seemed unlikely that Sister Lucy’s prophecy would be fulfilled. But challenged to prove the negative voices wrong, Alpher became motivated to change the opinions of all the doomsayers. And she did. After graduating from college in New Jersey, Alpher applied to Regent, with an inner knowledge that it was precisely where she was supposed to be.

Today she has written her own two- act show, which she performs solo. Her husband, Daniel, lovingly prodded her to write her life story, believing she could powerfully touch lives. The show is a history of how Alpher tried to hold on to hope, even when things weren’t looking good. “It’s everything I saw in my life ... through my eyes,” Alpher says as she relates the 25 different characters she takes on. In 2009, Through the Eyes of Faith was performed in numerous theaters in the San Francisco area, bringing people to their feet with cheers and tears.

What’s next for her and her family? A business plan is underway with a vision to tour New York City in the future. Alpher is currently seeking sponsors so she can reach more hearts. With an assurance of God’s hand on her life, she believes she is waiting in the wings ... waiting for a grand new adventure to begin. “Don’t lose hope. Laugh. Find the joy in the here and now,” she advises. You can visit her website at

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