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What's Inside:

  • Home: Check out all of the major sections of the app including resources, tracks and growth goals.
  • Spiritual Growth Resources : Need a quick read and pick me up? We have you covered. Enjoy reading great content from CBN and some of the most inspiring leaders in the world.
  • Tracks: Our tracks are designed to support your spiritual growth. Each day, fuel your personal growth and your relationship with God, others, and gain Biblical Knowledge.
  • Share Wall : Take the first step by anonymously sharing anything on your mind and receive genuine encouragement and prayer from community members.
  • Growth Goals : As you engage in our community, you will move closer to completing your goals. From growing in your various relationships to growing in your Biblical knowledge, we will helpĀ guide you to live out Biblical actions!
  • CBN Spark : Dive into CBN Spark as you challenge yourself and reflect on though-provoking questions by yourself or with friends.
  • Flag: Sometimes people say things that cross the line. We want to offer the chance for you to protect our community. If you read something from a member that crosses the line, simply click on the member's profile image and then click report member.