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Gift for a Siberian Seamstress

By Dan Reany
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You Can Love Your Work —Yakutia is a remote part of Russia, known for it’s frozen ground, short summers, and bitterly cold winters when temperatures plummet to 60 below zero. Many people here breed reindeer. They eat the meat, and use the hides to stay warm.  Galina Popova makes clothing from reindeer hides.  But they hides are so tough, her old, manual sewing machine can’t get through them. So she sews everything by hand.

“I can’t afford to buy a sewing machine because we hardly have enough money for food,” says Galina. “But I will sew any way I can. I really want to sew with all my heart. I prayed I could get a proper sewing machine.  If I did, I could make clothing for my children, and make other things to sell.”

Galina has been caring for her two daughters and her elderly mother alone for more than ten years.

“My mother is a very hard-working person,” says Galina’s daughter, Tanya. “Our father drank a lot and left our family. My sister, grandma and I have survived only because of our mother and all that she does for us.”

“I have to do everything: chop the wood, fetch the water, and earn money,” says Galina. “I’m playing the role of mother and father in my family.”

When Galina’s pastor told CBN about her and her family, we visited their home and gave them an answer to her prayers a heavy duty sewing machine, strong enough to make clothing from the reindeer hides.

“You have given me so much hope,” says Galina. “Now I can sew quality clothing for my children, and have things to sell to others.”

Galina quickly mastered her new sewing machine. The rest of the family is helping out with the new business too. Now they have warm clothes and a steady income.

“I can’t tell you how much you have helped us,” says Galina. “Sewing with this machine is fast and easy. Thank you all very much!”

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