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Overcoming the Stress of Juggling Finances

By Daniel McCusker
The 700 Club

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CBN.comIt was not the job Mary Till had dreamed about, and it did nothing to satisfy the deep longing she had to be a full-time mom.  But the family’s growing financial pressures drove Mary out the door each morning to work. 

Mary says, “It was very stressful.  I think the worst part of it was that our son was about two. Every morning I would see his little face pressed up against the window with this horrible, heart-wrenching  cry.  It tore my heart out.”

Meanwhile Mary’s husband Joe was working two sales jobs.  Yet the family was in a constant battle to pay the monthly bills. 

“What am I working for?  I’m working and working, and we’re still not making ends meet,” Mary says. 

Joe adds, “It was like robbing Peter to pay Paul. That bill I can slide for a while; this bill I can slide for a while.”

“I just didn’t want to live like that,” Mary says. “I didn’t want the frustration.  I didn’t like who it was turning me into.”

One day, the Tills decided to break the cycle.  They stepped out in faith, and Mary quit her job to stay home with their son.  They weren’t sure how they would pay their bills.

“I remember I gave my notice, and I think I shook for three days straight,” Mary says. “I remember just praying and praying and praying and praying. I don’t think I ever prayed so much or so hard. It was terrifying.  It was honestly terrifying.”

Soon after Joe discovered a financial principle that changed everything.

“One of the things that Pat said in his book, The Secret Kingdom, the law of reciprocity, is that if you’re in financial trouble, the first thing you should do is start giving money away,” Joe says. “Of course that doesn’t make sense in the concrete world that we live in.” 

The Tills decided to try out this principle of giving since nothing else they tried seemed to work.  Joe was passionate about CBN’s efforts to reach the world for Christ and decided to include CBN in their giving.  

“There were times when I didn’t know how the bills were going to be paid or we had an unexpected expense come up, the phone would ring and the commission I’d make on that would be more than enough to cover what we needed,” Joe says. “The Lord always provides.  He is always faithful to us.”  

Mary is now able to stay home with her three children, and Joe’s insurance business has grown steadily each year.

Mary says, “Looking at where we are now, I can honestly say that there isn’t a day when I don’t stop in my tracks and say thank you. I’m just amazed every day at where we were and how far we’ve come and it wasn’t us doing it.  It was so evident in so many ways that God had His hand in it. This wasn’t what I imagined as a child.  All I ever wanted to do was grow up and be a mommy and take care of my family.”

God wants to bless you too, just as He has blessed the Tills. One way you can give to God’s work is through CBN. Not only will you reach thousands each day with a message of truth and hope through The 700 Club, you will also help feed and clothe children around the world, bring medical aid to those suffering and so much more. Please join with us today.

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