Heroic Stories

Louis Zamperini: Coming Full Circle - Featured Video
Louis Zamperini's POW Story

He spent more than a month lost at sea and ended up in a torture camp.

One Navy SEAL's Tale of Survival

The Taliban had 20 soldiers penned down. Only one made it out alive.

At a Crossroads of Faith, Freedom

Brigadier Gen. Jerry Boykin on engaging in spiritual warfare.

"No Atheists in Foxholes"

Chaplain Patrick McLaughlin served two tours in Iraq.

Black Hawk Down's Capt. Struecker

The ordeal that inspired the movie.

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Prayers from Home

Lord Jesus , thank you for those who are making the sacrifice so we can enjoy the freedoms we have. Let them no that they are not alone. Thank you Lord for the sacrifice you made for us. ~ Doug B.

Please protect all of our Marines. Give them strength and wisdom and humility and send your angels to protect them. Help them to succeed in all of their missions and pour out your grace and mercy on them. Help them to look to you for all that they need and strengthen their walk with you. - MIMID