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How to Successfully Use Adobe Classroom


Step 1:
Please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player 9 installed.  You can download the latest version here:


Step 2:
Once you log into the Online Classroom, choose to “Enter as a Guest”.


Step 3:
In the Guest Field, put your first and last name followed by your location.  i.e.-    John Doe – Virginia


Step 4:
Once you are in the main meeting room, you can ask questions or leave comments in the chat window.


Step 5:
If you have a webcam, headphones, and a microphone, we may ask you to repeat your question or comment over online video.


Step 6:
Please make sure you are in a well lit room and that your microphone is properly configured and the input volume is adjusted properly.


Step 7:
In order to send and receive video, you internet connection must be fast enough to upload and download around 1 Megabit (or 1000 Kilobits) per second.  If you are not sure what your internet upload and download capability is, please go to and perform a test with the New York server.


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