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Michelle LaRowe

Founder and President of Boston Area
Nannies, Inc.

2004 International Nanny Association Nanny of the Year

Member of the National
Association of Nannies

Serves on the Board of Directors of the International Nanny Association

B.S. Chemisty, Bridgewater State

Featured Book
Nanny to the Rescue
(W Publishing Group, 2005)

Michelle LaRowe is the 'Nanny to the Rescue'

The 700 Club

CBN.comMichelle LaRowe grew up working with children, teaching Sunday school, and volunteering in the church nursery. Although she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry (Bridgewater State), she has found her true calling, working as a professional nanny, specializing in caring for twins. She is called on by media as a “nanny expert” and has appeared on television and has been featured in print.

“I have been entrusted with a great responsibility, and I love the joy of pleasing God through my work,” Michelle says. “Whether it is as mundane as changing a diaper or as meaningful as reminding a child of how loved and special he is to his Creator.”

It’s surprising to find that this gifted, talented and obviously anointed “Super Nanny” comes from a less than perfect home and background.

“Statistically, I should be a failure,” she says. “From a broken home, check. Born to an alcoholic father, check. Child of divorce, check. Raised by a single mother struggling to make ends meet, check.”

The list goes on from obesity, an abusive relationship, and divorce to bankruptcy.

“The qualifications listed above would hardly qualify me for the title ‘Super Nanny’,” she says. But through God’s amazing grace and her fierce dedication to Christ—Michelle is who she is today, and she gives all the credit to the saving power of Jesus Christ.


Michelle believes that early discipline lays the foundation for a child’s immediate future (handling family life with ease) and his or her long-term good (when they transition to self-discipline in the real world). “When your kids are ready to walk out the door into the real world, you want to make sure you’ve given them everything they need to be self-motivating, self-disciplining, empathetic and productive adults,” she says. “A huge part of their preparedness for life starts with how you train them early.” But it is also important for parents to understand the difference between discipline and punishment. Discipline is meant to guide and teach while punishment is often destructive and hurtful to a child.

Michelle says that the most common problem that parents have is they just don’t understand how important saying no to their child is.

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