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Dr. Ian Smith has found that many people want to lose a lot of weight in a rapid manner. Usually two of the biggest challenges in this is losing the weight in a healthy manner and keeping the weight off. Dr. Ian's Extreme Fat Smash Diet helps people quickly lose weight safely. The key ways to do this is through portion control, frequency of eating (eating small meals throughout the day), and making good food choices. People feel that they can eat regular food. People who are asking to do this are asking a lot of their body, so they must be strict and follow the diet as it is written. There is not a lot of room for play – no swaps.


It differs from his original popular Fat Smash Diet because of losing a lot of weight in a short amount of time – twelve pounds in three weeks. Some other quick weight loss methods are for a prolonged amount of time and have the dieter eating only certain foods. These methods are usually nutrionally deficient, unhealthy, and dangerous. Dr. Ian's plan makes sure dieters get all the nutrients they need with the least amount of calories.

Each week on the Extreme Fat Smash Diet is called a cycle. Three weeks is a rotation. Most people will lose twelve pounds after one rotation. First you must decide how much weight you want to lose and adjust the diet accordingly.

For example, a person can lose 30 pounds in 3 rotations, which might break down like this:

Once a person has made their weight loss goal, it is important to stay there. This is done by going into the Maintenance Phase. In this phase, dieters can chose what they should eat and how much they want to exercise and feel good about doing both. It is important to always return to the maintenance phase when you return to where you want to be...


Extreme Fat Smash Diet has resonated with those that have been on Dr. Ian's first diet program, the Fat Smash Diet. Dieters don't feel deprived of eating real food; they don't feel hungry, have high energy levels throughout the day, and don't really feel like they're on a diet. The Extreme Fat Smash Diet is designed so dieters don't feel like they have to make any drastic changes in their daily schedule to accommodate the plans eating and exercise program – which Dr. Ian has made aggressive, yet realistic.


Dr. Ian says that three of the major diet challenges are mentality, people understanding good carbs vs. bad carbs, and exercise. Mentally, people have unrealistic goals or they don't have the discipline to go all the way to reach their goals. Weight loss has to be a lifestyle change and not a short-term fix. It is also important that people understand good carbs vs. bad carbs. Fruits and vegetables are examples of good carbs. Finally, people have to understand the importance of exercise to their weight loss success. Many time people are unwilling to accept that they need exercise or it's hard for them to have access to a gym.

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