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Ken Eldred

Founder, Living Stones Foundation, which provides funding for development of businesses as a mission around the world

Founder of numerous businesses, including Inmac (mail-order computer accessories) and Ariba Technologies (a supply chain management company)

B.A. and M.B.A., Stanford University

God is at Work
God is at Works
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Ken Eldred: God at Work

The 700 Club

Ken Eldred says, “Cultures in which biblical values are ingrained grow spiritual capital and establish the environment for successful commerce.”

Ken, founder of INMAC, has what some would call a “radical” view of business. He believes good business practices don’t conflict with the Bible—they are the Bible. These attributes include honesty, service, excellence, respect, commitment, value, trust, loyalty and quality.

“I realized that my faith needed to impact my work. I needed to evaluate my actions in light of the biblical standards of integrity, morality and love,” he says.

Accordingly, Ken made it his mission to reach people with the gospel through business.

“Starting with the apostle Paul and going right through the centuries, business has played a key role in missions,” Ken says. “Business may be seen as an opportunity to win many for Christ, to reach an entire city, and possibly influence the thought process and views of those who lead the country.”

Using this model for business to spread the gospel, the church can harness its energies to work and witness in strategic places previously unreached by the gospel.

A wonderful example is Epicenter Technologies, a call center business in India where at least 60 percent of the employees call themselves Christians. Modeling biblical principles and recognized for its world-class level of service, this successful company has created jobs, built a profitable business, strengthened the local church and seen people decide to follow Jesus. Another is Yoido Full Gospel Church in Korea.

“Those noting the change in Korea might be tempted to believe that our country’s spiritual and economic transformations over the past 50 years are unrelated, but I know that is not the case. The two are deeply linked as Christian faith and Christian values set the foundation for successful business. Without the power of the gospel changing the hearts and minds of our people, the country would not have witnessed the same economic blessing,” says Dr. David Yonggi Cho, founding pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church.

Ken’s journey began over 30 years ago when he gave his life to the Lord. Though he felt called to business, Ken thought he had to give up his dream.

“Once I got saved, I thought I had to give up business to pursue missions,” he says. “But God soon showed me that I could do both.”

Soon after, Ken founded INMAC, a mail-order computer accessories business, with only $5,000. INMAC grew into a $400 million company that went public in 1986. He continues to forge numerous successful businesses and gives all the credit to God.

“In my many years of business, there have been other instances in which God’s hand was unmistakably at work. So outrageous were the results that there was no doubt to whom the credit was due,” Ken says.

Today, Ken has made it his mission to find creative ways to link capital with developing countries and Judeo-Christian principles. He currently does investments and is the founder/CEO of Living Stones Foundation Charitable Trust—an organization that provides financial support for Christian work and charities around the world. Some grant recipients include Regent University, Concerned Women of America, and Alpha Pregnancy Center. Cofounder of the Kingdom Business Forum, Ken is in demand as a speaker and advisor to various Kingdom business ventures.

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