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Dismantling Migraines: The Healing of Alice Petrie

By Peter Bustetter
The 700 Club “It felt like being hit with a mack truck but constantly.”

Alice Petrie knows pain. Since childhood she has suffered from intense migraine headaches triggered by her chronic allergies. Every attempt to numb the pain failed.

“Nothing would touch the headaches,” she said. “Over the counter medicines prescriptions ... nothing would help.

“I would just cry. That’s all that I could do was just cry and beg and plead…’Lord, take my headaches’.”

Then one evening while watching The 700 Club, Alice experienced something that would change her life.

“It came to the word of knowledge part,” she said. “And I believe that Gordon [Robertson] was on there that particular night. And he said there is somebody sitting in a chair. He said you have your head in your hands, and you are just crying, pleading to God to take care of the headaches.

“It was just my time, and He just healed me. He touched me.”

The next morning Alice told her husband Mike what had happened. He was excited too.

“I said, you know if that’s it, that’s it,” Mike said. “She says, I felt it. I said, you know that’s cool. And to this day she hasn’t had another migraine headache. “

Today Alice is free of painful migraines. She’s living a life that once seemed impossible.

“I can go to work, I can be a mama, a wife, and just be normal.

“The Lord saw fit to make a TV show and happened to tell me this is for you,” she said. “[He] let me know that I am special even though it is a headache but to take the time to take care of me.”

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