The 700 Club with Pat Robertson


Christina Roylston:
A Healing for Her, A Healing for Africa

By Kristin Cooney
The 700 Club “My first sign was that I would get little spots in my eyes,” says Christina. “I couIdn’t see the person’s face. I also had paralysis on half my body. From my head all the way down to my feet I couldn’t feel anything. So I would talk, and nothing would come out.

“On a scale of 1-10, the pain factor was definitely a 10 or a 12. They were very bad.

“At least five or six times I ended up in the hospital where they were testing me for neurological disorders. They gave the MRIs, all the blood tests you could think of. They kept thinking I was having a stroke.

“I was diagnosed for migraines from my general practitioner. He did prescribe migraine medication as daily preventatives. They didn’t work.

“I felt like a prisoner because normal people can do whatever they wanted, and I always had to make sure I had my medication. Even planning trips, it was always: 'How close are we to a hospital? Can we get medical attention if I need it?'

"My mom and I tried to pinpoint the cause of my migraines ourselves. Through prayer, my mom felt like the cause was dairy products. We tried eliminating dairy and had instant results. Within two or three days the constant migraines did stop.

"However, eliminating dairy was extremely hard. Because honestly, people would fix me meals, forgetting simple things like butter or sour cream, and I'd get sick. Usually within 30 minutes I would start getting the full-blown migraine. Plus, the migraines did not stop completely. I would still get them every once in awhile for no apparent reason.

“I reached a point where I was extremely frustrated. So when I happened to be sitting down watching The 700 Club that day, [I thought] I don’t want anything to do with this anymore.

“I was praying when Gordon said:

Someone with severe migraines, a recurring problem with migraine headaches. God has just healed you. And He is restoring the proper pressure in your brain. God has just healed you.

“I about fell off the couch. I just couldn’t believe that he actually said that. I didn’t even finish to hear what he had said. I just knew it was for me so much so that I put my hands in the air and said, ‘I absolutely receive this. This is for me.’

“I felt this warm feeling shoot right through my body, and I knew something was going on. I knew I was healed,” Christina says. "And to this day I can eat dairy and have not had a migraine since."

Christina’s husband Tom recalls, “At first I was skeptical but once I watched the show and that’s my wife they were talking about, I knew it had been done. She was healed. Throughout the months that followed, it was true. She had been healed.”

“Being migraine-free is... I can’t even describe it,” says Christina “I don’t have to take my medicine with me. I can take trips by myself. I can take care of my daughter and know that I’m not going to have to call somebody for help. I was able to do an Africa trip that I wouldn’t probably have done beforehand.

Christina in Africa“When I went to Africa, that was my testimony -- telling them about my healing. My basic thing was don’t lose faith. God hears you. After I gave my testimony they asked if anybody wanted to come up and receive prayer. People just started standing up saying, ‘I want to know that God. I want to know the God of healing. I want to know the God that she’s talking about.’

“God was doing something in my life for a purpose. That day I think 36 people came to receive Christ. It was huge.

“It’s unbelievable what God can do. No doctor, no human, no medicine, nothing could fix this problem. God alone fixed this problem.”

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