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Christina Valkas: The Sound of Faith

By Amy Reid
The 700 Club “I remember having just such pain in my ear,” 10-year-old Christina says.

Her mother Cheryl says, “When she was born, she started having ear problems. She always had to go to the doctor. They finally put tubes in her ears, hoping that would correct the problem. It just seems it would work for a little while and then before you know it, we were back at the doctor again.”

“He didn’t know what was the problem,” says Christina. “He just said put cotton in my ear.”

Cheryl says, “She couldn’t go swimming; she couldn’t get water in her ear. If the wind would blow, she would have problems. She would even cry just washing her hair because she was just afraid the water was gonna get in her ear."

“I lost part of my hearing, and I was pretty scared because I take voice [lessons],” Christina says. “I didn’t know what was going to happen. I thought I was going to lose my hearing forever.”

“During that time, you do teach them how to pray and have faith,” says Cheryl. “Just keep calling on the name of Jesus.

“One day we went to the doctor, and he said that she had a hole in her ear -- a ruptured eardrum. We were just really surprised. I couldn’t understand how Christina’s eardrum had ruptured. It makes you feel bad as a parent. I thought, How could I let this happen?

“Christina just told him immediately, ‘Well, God can heal my ear. I’m believing He’s gonna heal my ear.’ He just looked at her when she made that statement. A few minutes later, he asked her again how old she was and how long she'd been talking like that.”

Christina remembers God whispering to her that if she called The 700 Club, her ear would be healed.

“So finally, I just said, ‘Momma, I want to call The 700 Club,’” Christina recalls. Cheryl agreed, and the two called for prayer.

“That same night,” Cheryl recalls. “Christina started saying that she was feeling that itchy feeling in her ear. We told her that that was God healing her.

“I noticed the very next day that it was healed. We went back to the ear specialist, and he did a hearing test. He said that she didn’t lose any hearing in her ear. It was good, wasn’t any problem there. We haven’t had problems and we haven’t gone back.”

“Believe on God that you will be healed, because if you don’t have faith, how can you be healed,” says Christina.

Her mother concurs. “God can do anything but fail.”

Christina says, “I can do whatever I want to now.”

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