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Learn more about Dan's condition -- keratoconus.

Daniel Kirk: When Life's a Blur

By Michelle Wilson
The 700 Club

CBN.comSome of us can see the eye chart with near perfect vision. But the only thing Dan Kirk saw was a big blur.

“It was like looking at wax paper,” he recalls. “I could see vague images and light and dark. It was so bad I didn’t have any depth of perception. It was very painful.”

For weeks Dan complained to his wife Francine of poor vision in his left eye. It affected his daily life and even his ability to drive to work.

“I was concerned even for him driving to work by himself,” she says. “What if he all of a sudden can’t see and won’t be able to make it?”

Dan is a computer engineer. His failing eyesight made it difficult for him to work effectively.

“I would have to close one eye and look with one eye to see the computer screen,” he says. “If I tried to look with both eyes, it was so distracting that I couldn’t do the work.”

Fran says, “It was very frightening to see him go through that plus watching him struggle. It’s very hard.”

Dan made an appointment to get his eyes examined by ophthalmologist, Dr. Izak Wessels. He was diagnosed with keratoconus – an abnormal cornea.

Dr. Wessels says, “This occurs because the thickness has decreased and the cornea has stretched in this direction. Not only do you find that the cornea has a point but it often has an unusual curve called a stigmatism.”

Dr. Wessels ordered special contact lenses to help reshape Dan’s cornea. If that didn’t work Dan would have to have a cornea transplant.

“You face not just the risk of the surgery and its problems but also rejection later on,” says Dr. Wessels. “So it is a really invasive procedure. It is of the order of six months to a year before any useful vision can come from that eye.”

Dan was fitted for contact lenses, which would hopefully reshape his cornea. But his dry eyes caused irritations.

“I would call out to the Lord and say, ‘I’m hurting here. Get me through the day.’ I never specifically asked him to heal me,” says Dan.

But Francine did. She was praying for Dan when she received a phone call from a 700 Club prayer counselor. They prayed that God would restore Dan’s eyesight.

Fran recalls, “She started to say, ‘Well, even if he doesn’t have to have the transplant, maybe these contact lenses will work.’ But she stopped herself. She says, ‘No, we’re believing he will not have to wear the contact lenses. God has healed him completely from this condition.’

“When I hung up the phone, I knew that she touched God’s heart.”

Then something incredible happened!

Dan says, “I didn’t notice until the next day. I said, ‘I can see better.’ It was definitely immediate.”

Dan made an appointment to get his eyes re-examined. And the results were amazing!

“I have no simple explanation for this except that I saw the cornea change for the better,” says Dr. Wessels. “I have never seen before in my 20 years of practice. It changed from an abnormal shape back to a normal shape… One has to say this is something supernatural.”

When Francine told Dr. Wessels about The 700 Club phone call. He replied, “Keep having them pray for you because it is a lot better than surgery.”

Through the power of prayer Dan’s eyesight is restored. In fact, it’s better than before. His right eye is 20/20, and his sight in his left eye is 20/30! The contacts are a thing of the past!

“He took those stripes for our healing and we don’t want that to be in vain,” says Fran. “We want to go to him and ask him for that healing that he has already provided.”

Dan says, “I am really thankful. The Lord does great things."


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