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A Healing for Emma

By Amy Reid
The 700 Club "I felt so bad that I couldn’t bend over. I felt like there was some sort of drumming in my head. The pain was terrible," says Emma.

She continues, "It made it difficult for me to do even a small amount of work around the house. Cleaning and cooking were very hard for me to manage."

EmmaValya, Emma's sister, says, “When my sister came to visit me, she looked very bad. She said that she had headaches and was unable to do any work at home because of them. She even had to leave her job because she couldn’t work."

“Early one morning, I turned on the TV and saw The 700 Club show on our local channel," says Emma.

“Pat began to pray for people that needed healing. I heard the word about me! It was definitely about me, because he said, 'There is a person suffering from headaches.' My hand was on my head, and he said, 'There are serious problems but God is healing you.' Later, I knew that God had healed me because I had no more headaches.

“I was very happy, and I immediately testified to my family. I told them: ‘God has healed me. He heard my prayers. He saw my sufferings, and He healed me. I don’t have any headaches now.' I praise God for that!

Emma watching 'The 700 Club'"God touched me in a miraculous way. It wasn’t a live broadcast, but God is always in direct connection with believers!

“We really need Christian programs like this, for encouragement and for healing. I am very thankful for the ministry of The 700 Club in the Ukraine. Thank you so very much!”

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