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Kat Jordan: Little Girl Lost

By Dan Reany
The 700 Club“Getting high every day was the first priority in my life.”

Kat Jordan was high on crack and running from the police. Her friends had no idea that she had grown up in a Christian home.

Kat says, “My parents raised me in church. I grew up going to church. I knew Jesus died for me. I knew I was saved. I knew I believed in Him.”

But a string of bad decisions lead Kat away from the Lord.

“Choosing the wrong friends, choosing to make wrong decisions,” she says. “In my mind rebelling against my parents and against what I learned in church -- I guess that’s when I wanted to experiment with what the world had to offer. So anything I could get involved in, whether it was sex or drugs or whatever, I was interested.”

She started out smoking marijuana when she was 14, but as the years went on, the drugs got harder and harder.

She says, “One summer I went to a concert, tried mushrooms, and I used them with acid. I tried ecstasy after that. I tried cocaine after ecstasy. Then after the cocaine, which was powder, I went to crack cocaine.”

At one point, even the boyfriend who introduced her to crack told her she had a problem.

“He was saying, 'Hey, I’m going to leave you if you keep smoking crack.’ So I didn’t want to take my drugs home with me. I said, ‘Hey, smart idea. I’ll just drive around in my car and smoke crack.’

“I had just left my dealer’s place. I was driving, and I looked behind me. There were blue lights. I panicked because I had drugs in my hand. I thought, I have to hit this. I have to get high right now. I cannot go to jail unless I hit this. I was going to pull over, but I panicked and stepped on the gas.”

Kat JordanKat got into a high-speed chase, wrecked her car, and tried to run.

“Got out of my car, cops threw me down, and put cuffs on me.”

She spent just two days in jail, and over the course of the next few months, all four of her felony charges were dropped.

Her lawyer got her involved with a residential treatment program at ROC church in Richmond, VA, but she didn’t think the church could help.

“It felt like getting my relationship back with Christ would be like climbing a mountain,” she recalls.

Even though she thought she was alone in her struggle, she slowly grew closer to God.

“The more I read His Word, the more I talked to Him, it just got so easy to keep talking to Him, to keep reading His Word.”

As her faith grew, she found the strength to fight her addictions.

Kat in church“No mountain is too big. God’s big enough to take every single one of your problems,” she says. “No matter how big it is. If God can take crack cocaine, the addiction and that desire out of my life and out of my heart and my mind, God can do anything.”

Soon, her life completely changed.

“When you have drugs at the center of your life, it revolves around deceit, fear and lies. But with Christ there’s no fear… And that’s so awesome to go from a lifestyle of fear and uncertainty and unfulfillment to boldness, confidence and being filled up with God.”

Today she’s not only off of drugs, she’s actually a staff member at ROC Church.

“Oh it’s awesome,” she says. “We have the best kids here.”

She tutors five- and six-year-olds and works in the church coffee shop in town. With the drug addition completely gone, she’s found a new center for her life.

Kat with the kids of ROC“Jesus is my homeboy. He is my best friend,” Kat says. “He’s always there for me, and I talk to Him all the time. People think I’m crazy. I just be talking in my car but I’m talking to Jesus. It’s so cool because God’s always there. You can always talk to Him. I love Him because He never gives up on me.”


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