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Rosa Tkachev: No Fear

By Barbara Cornick
The 700 Club

CBN.comRosa Tkachev never liked the dark. To her, the night was meant for torment.

“When I was growing up in Ukraine, it was almost every night that I had some scary dream,” Rosa says. “Either somebody was chasing me or trying to stab me…”

Rosa never watched scary movies or shows on television. She didn’t even own a TV. Images simply came to her mind.

“Even into my teens I was still afraid of the dark,” she says. “It didn’t go away. I think there was evil trying to control me through fear like a stronghold. But see, at that time I did not understand it.”

Marriage didn’t help.

“I didn’t tell [my husband] Andrey that I was afraid of the dark because I was just uncomfortable, embarrassed a little bit, and I just made different excuses.”

Andrey says, “At night I like to look at the stars, and I’ll ask, ‘Let’s go look at the stars -- shooting stars.’ And she says, ‘No, no I don’t want to,’ or ‘I don’t feel good today,’ or ‘I have to do something else.’”

“My daughter would come to me. ‘Mama, can I have your nightlight?’ I would be so terrified to give my nightlight away. I was thinking, Mommy needs this more than you do.”

As she grew older, the fear increased. Then one day…

“It was a regular morning for me. I just get up, fed the baby and decided to watch The 700 Club. I heard Pat Robertson say, ‘Some of you have been gripped with fear…’”

Pat said, “At this moment we come against fear. I command the spirit of fear, in the name of Jesus, to leave you right now. You wasting, tormenting spirit, I command you to leave people now. Come out of them and loose them in the name of Jesus now! May the anointing of the Lord fill you.”

“I just felt this joy, extreme joy and happiness come over my heart. I was… I cannot explain it to you but I was so happy. I was praising the Lord.”

Rosa was so excited she couldn’t sit still.

“I couldn’t sit in one spot, and I was trying to be really quiet because my husband was asleep from the night shift. I felt like I was walking in clouds, like two inches off the ground.

“Later that night when the panic was trying to come over me, I just said, ‘In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you evil to leave me right now. You fear, you spirit of fear, you have no longer place here. I’m delivered, I’m set free.’ I just took it by faith.”

Rosa didn’t let fear grip her anymore.

“Since I started fighting and just taking the word of God over it, I’m set free. I’m free. I can go to sleep by myself, and I’m ok with it because I know the Lord is with me. He’s protecting me. Why should I be afraid?”

Andrey sees the difference. “She’s like a different person now,” he says. “I’m really enjoying this. Now I can go with her outside and watch the stars.”

Rosa says, “God is not just somewhere out there. I feel Him personally. I experienced Him personally. I didn’t know what I need to do but the Lord still delivered me. He chose this way to deliver me, and I’m so thankful. I just praise Him, and I will worship Him.”

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