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The Miracle of a Christmas Prayer

By Audra Smith Haney
The 700 Club -Phyllis DeLauder is an active senior who walks several miles a day. But, on Christmas Day, 2011 she woke up with excruciating back pain.

“It was like a knife cutting the nerves in my back,” Phyliis said. “I couldn’t do anything when the pain was in my back…and it is really debilitating when you can’ t do anything.”

Unable to go to the doctor and with all of her family out of town, Phyllis did the one thing she knew to do.

“I just prayed,” Phyllis said. “I prayed a lot asking God to do something because I was virtually unable to do anything about it.”

After three days of back pain, Phyllis turned on the 700 Club for encouragement.

 “Gordon was praying,” Phyllis said. “He started out and says, I am going to pray for everybody. And he even said that he didn’t normally do that.”

GORDON: “In an act of faith, reach out and touch what needs healing. And Terry and I will agree, we’ll agree with you, touching anything, and God will do the rest. Let’s pray.”

“So I put the back part of my hand on my back,” Phyllis said. “Gordon was done praying and I said, there was not any pain there. I slowly moved my hand and when I discovered it was gone, I mean, that was the greatest thing that ever happened to me.”

“[For God] To come down and actually touch me…to Him, it is just a small thing, but to me it wasn’t, it was something great,” Phyllis said. “It felt like, okay, I am something and I am somebody to Him.”

That very same day, Phyllis returned to her activities as usual, with no trace of her back pain. She says she’ll never forget the Christmas healing God gave her.

“God is always there and he is always hearing,” Phyllis said. “He hears everything and he doesn’t let us be alone. He doesn’t stop caring about us, ever. And he wants us to know that.”

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