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Miracle Healing on the Mission Field

By Audra Smith Haney
The 700 Club -At the age of 37, Wendy Lawson woke up one morning, unable to feel the left side of her body.

 “It was like somebody had just drawn a chalk line during the center of me and my whole left side was numb,” Wendy said.

Wendy, a flight paramedic, thought initially she has just pinched a nerve, so she visited several chiropractors. Nothing seemed to help.
 “So, two days later, that numbness had come over into my right side, and now I was starting to cripple up with spasms and tremors,” Wendy said.

Paralyzed and scared, Wendy went to the hospital. Doctors ran a battery of tests. Finally, an MRI revealed the problem; Multiple Scorosis, an incurable and disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system.

“I had seven legions in my brain, the main one in my brain stem,” Wendy said. “The doctor came in and told me that I had had a severe acute attack of MS and that I would probably never walk again.”

For over a decade, Wendy struggled with the debilitating side effects of MS.

“I could be in an exacerbation for weeks and months and then come out of it and be in remission for maybe a week or two…maybe three weeks,” Wendy said, “but then I would be right back into it. I just went on with that MS for 11 years, in and out of wheelchairs, hospitals, rehabs, my bed.”

Wendy eventually started going to church for comfort. Through her suffering, Wendy’s faith and love for God only grew.

“A lot of my friends in church had seen me crippled up, laying in the pew to listen to the sermon because I couldn’t sit up,” Wendy said.  “I had a Bible study at my house. There were like 6 older women that would come over and pull their chairs around my bed as I lay there all crippled and taught me the healing word of God and taught me about Jesus.”

In 1997, 11 years after her diagnosis, Wendy prayed that she would be in remission long enough to go on an international trip with her church. That April, she was healthy enough to travel and joined a group for a healing crusade in Madagascar.

“We were in a big field, I’ll never forget it, a big field made of red dirt in the middle of nowhere in Madagascar,” Wendy said. “These people had walked for miles, most without shoes.”

Thousands came for prayer, Wendy prayed for a small boy with a broken leg. When she prayed, something happened to Wendy that she never expected.
“My hands were still kind of crippled and I bent down and put my hands around his broken tibia and the only prayer I prayed was please heal this boy in Jesus name. That was it,” Wendy said.  “I felt that bone go back in place. My hands were on fire, they were tingling…tears started to well up in my eyes. He let go of his friends arms, jumped up and down, screaming ‘Hallelijuah! Hallelijuah!’  But, at that same time God had laid on my heart in my spirit, ‘you’re healed Wendy. So, I just accepted that.’”

Wendy believed that God had spoken to her, so she decided on the flight home to stop taking all of her medicine.

“After that whole crusade, I knew something had happened to me,” Wendy said. “I just thanked him day and night for my healing, even though I didn’t feel it yet, you know, I just kept thanking Him.”

Over the next few months, Wendy slowly started to feel better. After six months, she visited her doctor for a remarkable checkup.

“He said, ‘I know this wasn’t modern medicine. It was a miracle, a dramatic and remarkable recovery,’” Wendy said. “I said, ‘I call it doctor Jesus.’ Six months later, I was out riding my motorcycle again, I was skydiving, I was doing everything that I used to do 11 years before that.”

After her healing, Wendy had a strong desire to go on more medical mission trips. She soon got a stunning phone call.

“The common wealth of Pennsylvania called me and told me that my medical license had been reinstated because of a grandfather clause back in 1975,” Wendy said. “So, God always knew I wanted to be a doctor, a dentist, so now I was going to be able to do all these things overseas. God just answered my heart’s desire.”

Since her healing in 1997, Wendy’s “MS” has been a distant memory. She has travelled to over 37 different countries on health care and disaster relief trips and she works in full time ministry. She has recorded her healing journey in a book called “God’s Madcap Missionary.”

“He has done everything for me,” Wendy said. “He has brought me where I could have never gone on my own. I just shout my testimony from the rooftops because I want everybody to know that it is not impossible. Just keep your faith in God.”
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