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Singer Whose Childhood was Rocked by Death Shares Song of Hope

By Brandice Hudson
The 700 Club -“My childhood started to get rocky at the age of 8, when I first encountered being molested.  I remember feeling that my innocence was taken.  It was almost like I was just robbed.  As far as me just telling, it wasn’t an option.  I never built that bond with an older sibling or with my mother to just share that with, especially not my father. I just remember him not being around as much and when he did come around, he was drunk and very abusive to my mother.”

“Everything just happened so fast.  My mom screamed for my older brothers to come and help her.  So I’m thinking ‘What’s going on?’  I run into the room and my father was kneeling on the right side of the bed. He had a stroke and died that night.”

“My mother was left to raise the rest of us. One evening while my mother was working the midnight shift, I got a candle and I fell asleep with the candle lit in my hand. I woke up and my bed was on fire.”

“I remember looking over at my sister. I remember us running downstairs to get water to put the fire out and not thinking to just get up and run into the other room where my niece and nephew were asleep.”

“The house burned down. My niece and nephew were in the house. And they died. 9 months and 1 –year-old.”

I felt like a murderer. I would tell myself in my mind, ‘You’re so stupid. Why didn’t you go?’ And I would have dreams replaying that I did go in the room and get them and I’d wake up feeling that it’s true and it just depressed me even more.”

“After the fire, for my 14th birthday my mom got me and my twin brother this huge cake and I just remember feeling happy, excited, and just loved. I actually think that was like my first cake to come to think about it! I was on a high. But unfortunately, I felt it was snatched away in seconds because a week later my mother was kidnapped, taken to a vacant house on the east side of Detroit, shot in the head and killed.”

“My whole world just shattered… You go through so much in life.  You start to feel loved.  You start to feel appreciated and wanted because you just dealt with sad stuff after sad stuff and you finally get happy and then the person that made that moment goes away.”

“In the 8th grade, I met an English teacher by the name of Eyvone Grimmett. I was in her class and I would cut up bad in her class.  She went to her husband, Reverend Grimmett and shared some things with him and so Reverend Grimmett and Eyvone Grimmett put together this group where they counsel students that have gone through some hardship. Well that class ended up being a Bible study.”

“The people around me were so full of life.  I wanted to follow what they were following. I just had to know who this Jesus was. I just felt I needed to give it to Jesus because I couldn’t handle it anymore.  I’m at my breaking point. I have no hope.  So I just gave my life to Christ.”

“It’s amazing how life before that was so grey and when I gave my life to Christ, it was like I woke up. And that’s when my true healing process started.” 

“I can’t sit here and say ‘Oh, it's great.’ No, it’s painful because healing is really just letting go, accepting, forgiving and trusting that God is going to make every crack that happened from the time that your heart was broken, be completely healed.  So my healing process was painful. But was worth it because I’m whole now and I’m free. I can share it with someone and help them.”

“I’m able to take what I’ve experienced and put it into a song and just tell the world about God and how good He is.”

Sharetta sings her song ‘Holy’, “You’re Holy…Lord God, Almighty King…”

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