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Vision Brings Godless Man to Faith

By Christine McWhorter
The 700 Club -“The community I grew up in is kind of like a jungle. There’s really no law. There’s really no order, so you have to make your own way.” Aaron Enous grew up in New York with his mother, brother, and sister. His father left before Aaron was born.

“I blamed myself for my father not being around. Once I opened the door to that thought, other thoughts came in like, ‘Okay, my father’s not around, it’s my fault. Why? You’re not good enough. You weren’t important enough for your father to stick around. You weren’t worthy of love.’”

His mother had problems of her own. “My mother was a prostitute, a heavy user of crack-cocaine.”

Soon, he began getting into fights. “I fought because it was the only way I could express my frustrations in life. I was a very frustrated young man, very angry. You have to find yourself and you don’t know who you are. You have no compass. You have no direction. So that’s why I started to fight a lot. That’s why I was in the streets all the time. That’s why I did the things that I did.”

Meanwhile, his mother became abusive. “She started to hit me. There were times where she would throw me out the house, make me sleep outside. My home environment was getting very, very unsafe.”

“I didn’t understand why she did the things she did. I didn’t understand why she couldn’t control her behavior. I couldn’t understand how somebody that tells you they loved you, held you as a child could abuse you the way she abused me physically. My mother was very violent. I felt like it was safer to be in the streets than it would be to be at home. So I ran away.”

He lived with friends and relatives while he went to high school. Aaron often wondered if there really was a God. He’d gone to church as a child, but wondered why God would let all these bad things happen to him. “I was what you would call an agnostic. I knew something else was out there, because certain things did not make sense, but I just didn’t know who He was.”

On the school bus one day, he had a vision that changed his beliefs completely. “I’m on a bus. I’m on my way to school. The next thing I know I’m not on the bus anymore, I’m just not. Physically I’m not there. Everything emitted its own light. There was nothing. There were no shadows. Everything, the walls emitted light. And there was this person standing in front of me. Now this person - He was so powerful, like, it was like, the only way I could describe it, it’s like standing in front of the sun,” he said “It was Jesus. I was glued to the ground. I bowed. He opened up the eyes of my spirit so I could see Him, not with my natural eye, but I could see Him. He showed me He was a person just like me. It was the most amazing groundbreaking revelation that I could have ever gotten. Nothing I was ever told, ever, amounted to Jesus being a person, a real person, somebody that I could actually relate to, somebody who went through what I went through. That revelation had completely rocked my belief system at the time. It had completely pretty much destroyed it.”

 “I struggled with it for the next 3 days I tried to deny it. I was scared. I didn’t know what happened. But finally on the 3rd day I just couldn’t fight it anymore and I received Jesus into my heart. I repented of my sins and I have been walking with the Lord ever since.”

Aaron started reading the Bible and going to church. Over the next few years, he was able to let go of the pain and anger he’d been harboring.

“His truth set me free from every hardship in life, every anguish, all the afflictions, every horrible thing God turned around, and He brought it together for my good. He gave me my identity. I didn’t understand what love was. He showed me love.”
Today he is married to Irena. They have one daughter and a baby on the way.
“There’s not a word in the English vocabulary that could express how thankful I am for Him. “I’m definitely 100% gonna spend the rest of my life acknowledging what He’s done for me.”

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