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Clay Dyer: 'God Doesn't Make Mistakes'

By Gormin Woodfin
The 700 Club

CBN.comClay Dyer loves to do two things.  He loves fishing and coaching football.  But he is not your normal outdoorsman.  He was born without legs and only one partial arm with no fingers or thumb. Yet, Clay has never let these obstacles stop him.

He texts on his cell phone using his teeth.  He uses his neck and arm to hold and cast his fighting rod.  He attaches lures using his mouth.

"I love to be in the outdoors," Clay tells The 700 Club. "I love to be hunting, fishing. I love to be involved in sports."

People are amazed at how Clay taught himself to cast a rod and reel. He says, " I would watch people do it on television and just watch them in person. Then I got the rods and reels, and I started holding them. Through trial and error, I would try different mechanical ways of holding the rod and positioning it, try different things for my body to throw it until I got to where it felt comfortable.When I got to something that felt comfortable, that’s what I stuck with and tried to be as efficient with it as what I possibly could."

Now he competes on the national pro fishing circuit, and he’s won about 20 state and regional fishing tournaments. Next to his love of fishing is football.  He’s an assistant football coach for Hamilton High School. His goal for these student athletes is clear.

"To me, it’s just watching these young men succeed in life and trying to be a positive example to them, to encourage them, because there are a lot of things out there in this world that teenagers can get involved in. The athletes we have in our program pour their heart and their souls out to us to try to win. They know as a staff that we’re all about winning in life in general, but [we are] trying to translate and help them get the most out of life that they can get on and off the field."

Head football coach, Rodney Stidham, says Clay is an inspiration to everyone. He says, "The greatest thing I admire about Clay is Clay is a spiritual young man that really believes in what he’s doing. He’s trying to make this earth a better place. I really appreciate him in what he does for myself and these coaches here."

"In my life I’d have to say the biggest lesson that God’s taught me probably is the value of patience," Clay says. "The value of determination and willpower, you know, but yet to allow Him to lead, guide and direct me and follow His lead."

Even with these obstacles Clay has always managed to have an upbeat attitude. He only remembers one time when he questioned why God had made him this way.

"When I was about 4 1/2 years old or so, I said, 'Daddy, why did God make me like this?' My dad looked at me and said, 'Son, I don’t know, but I know God doesn’t make mistakes.' When I look back on it, I realize that I didn’t see it at the time, but God knew when He made me, He made me for a purpose to be able to go out and witness and encourage people to live for Him."

Clay says one of the most important moments in his life was when he prayed a simple prayer. "I said, 'God, I know I’ve got sin in my heart and in my life.' I just begged God, 'Come in and cleanse me of my sins. Give me a relationship with You.'

"The biggest blessings in my life right now I would have to say are being alive and healthy and having a great family. I’ve got Jesus Christ in my heart and He gives me a chance every day to live my dream and do what I love to do."

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