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Lisa and Chester's Special Addition

By Dory Nissen
The 700 Club -In 2008, Chester and Lisa Moore felt God wanted them to adopt a child from China with special needs. Lisa says, “We prayed over each need. Each thought. Because we were not sure what we were capable of; what God wanted for that child and what God wanted for us. So we prayed very heavily over it.”

Their agency matched them with Faith, a toddler who doctors believed had cerebral palsy and would never walk. She also wasn’t talking. Chester says “I prayed immediately that the Lord would confirm that this was the right child for us. And most importantly, (confirm) that we were the right parents for a child with that need. I randomly opened my Bible and it was in Habbakuk which says, ‘Yaweh the Lord is my strength. He makes my feet like those of a deer, and enables me to climb on mountain heights.’ That’s the last verse in the entire book, and in my Bible, it’s the only verse on the page. She’s going to walk! I knew she was going to walk at that moment!”
Although the Moore's hadn’t met their new daughter, they began to pray for her and put her on every prayer chain possible. Chester says, “I knew prayer was the immediate reaction the Lord wanted from us. He wanted us to open up a more powerful dialogue of prayer. And that gave us a spark of faith that we had not had yet. It lit a passion for us to seek specific prayer and to pray for every single thing that we possibly could for that child and the adoption process.”
But then Lisa received a distressing phone call. Chinese doctors diagnosed Faith with mental retardation. Chester reacted, “They told us we had the option to ‘get out’ of this particular case and get another child so to speak. We immediately got to our knees; immediately got to our knees. And weeping like babies, and crying. And so we looked at each other and said, ‘The Lord gave us a word that she is going to walk on mountain heights, and we are going to stand on it. And even if she is mentally retarded, she needs a mommy and a daddy.’” 

A few months later, the Moore’s flew to China to pick up their little Faith. Lisa describes that moment. “I see the doors open and this beautiful little girl comes in. And I was like, ‘Oh, there is my baby.’ And I just felt love, even more, knowing that I was going to hold her forever.”
Chester and Lisa spent six week in China to complete the adoption. During that time, they realized she was very bright. “We knew that mental retardation was not there. Either she was healed by God through our prayers, or it was just a mislabeling from the doctor. Whatever it was, there was no mental retardation.”

Still facing the possibility of cerebral palsy, they took her to church for prayer just one day after flying home. Chester says, “We immediately took her down to have our pastor and the elders pray for her. Because we knew there were obstacles. We knew that we needed as much faith and prayer and anointing over that child as is possible.”

The next day, Faith took her first steps. Chester says, “The power of prayer, and God’s response to that prayer, is the reason she took those 10 steps, without question. In a very short of time, within six weeks of us having her in China and a month of being here, she was walking like she had been walking for years.” And, with just two weeks of speech therapy, Faith started talking up a storm. 

Today Faith is a healthy 6 year old. Faith more energy than Chester and Lisa ever thought possible.  Lisa says, “When I see Faith playing on the playground, with a big smile on her face, just running with an abundance of joy, it overwhelms me so much that the power of prayer has healed that little girl.”

Chester says, “When I look at my daughter, and see her smiling face and her incredible energy, my reaction is, ‘I’m looking at the answer prayer; literally looking at an answer to prayer in front of me.’”

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