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Laura Adams: From the Darkness to the Light

By Kara Lavengood
The 700 Club“When I was about 11 years old, I saw my mother start to take a departure from the person who I used to know. I started to see her going to psychics and tarot card readers and channelers.”

Laura Adams was surrounded by occult activities as a young girl.

“I knew that what she was doing was wrong. It was something in my heart that I knew was not appropriate to do. But there really wasn’t much I could say on the matter; I was just a little girl. So I kind of watched it happen around me.”  

Laura’s mother encouraged her to explore the spiritual realm as she got older.

“We were trained to believe that this education that we were receiving meant that we were taking control of our lives and that we were getting something that, for example, Christians didn’t get. That they were too ignorant to even explore.”

Her mother hosted lavish parties in their home, and paid for “readings” for their guests.

“After a while I started to accept it as norm. I would see a psychic or a tarot card reader or somebody who would do my chart in astrology.  I started taking classes on how to channel. I was reading books - metaphysical books.”

But by her early teens, Laura didn’t feel welcome at her own home.

“I saw my mother tell me that I was a guest in my own house.  She also said she hated me and wished I’d never been born. These were things my mother never expressed prior to her involvement with the occult.  She always made me feel loved. So this was very, very traumatic for me.”

So she sought attention and acceptance elsewhere. A few years later, Laura started sleeping around. One-night stands were her trademark.

“I received a lot of attention from men.  It made me feel special, which made me encouraged to have more physical contact with them than I should have, obviously.”

Her reckless behavior led to two pregnancies.  Both times, she chose abortion.

“Everybody had taught me that it was a clump of cells and that this wasn’t worth anything, and I got an abortion.   I really didn’t put a lot of thought into it. I didn’t want to think that this was a real baby. I didn’t want to take responsibility for something like this. So, it was just easy to do it and to pretend that it never happened.”

Laura finished college and went on to a successful career. Little by little, she felt like she was falling apart.

“I started hearing voices. I started having horrible nightmares. I would sometimes feel very dark energies upon me, like they were in the room. These energies would tell me that they wanted to kill me. The feeling was so realistic that I could not differentiate it from the truth.”

As her mental problems worsened, she saw a psychiatrist who told her she was mentally ill.

“He told me that I was bipolar. He told me I had manic depression. I think that there was some psychosis in there also. He told me that my situation would not get better. That it would actually get progressively worse and at some point I would be institutionalized.”

Since doctors didn’t offer much hope, she went to see a hypnotist for another opinion.  The hypnotist was also a shaman.  He laid hands on Laura’s head in an effort to prove that her problems were in the spiritual realm.

“I felt something profoundly dark come off of me. That’s the best way I know how to explain it. I felt it come off my head, and it was liberating. I felt a little bit of sanity come back. I looked at him, and I said, ‘What was that?’ He said to me, ‘That was a demon.’”

His use of the word “demon” in particular, stuck out to her.

“That is when I received confirmation that Satan existed. This shocked me. It blew me right out of my chair. After a few moments of thinking about it, I realized that if Satan existed, that means that Jesus Christ existed. If that’s the case, then, ‘What am I doing in this man’s office? I need to go to the individual that was responsible for conquering Satan.’ It was at that point that I left his office and chose to find a Christian path and get help.”

Laura called a Christian friend and he directed her to a Christian counselor.  Her life started to turn around from the first appointment.

“We went into prayer together and it was at that point that I came before the Lord and I told Him that I was receiving Him as my Lord and Savior. I asked Him to forgive me of my sins.”

Although she’d accepted Christ as her Savior, Laura was haunted by her past.  

“Because of my abortions, because of my sleeping around, and because of my family’s involvement in the occult, this was not something that was going to come off me overnight.”

It’s taken a lot of prayer and repentance, but Laura is now free from her bondage.

“I have been completely delivered. I’m experiencing mental clarity and emotional joy at a level I’ve never experienced before in my life. The Lord has completely blessed me.  That dark hole that was in me for the 38 years that I was on this planet before coming to know the Lord, left me. The abyss went away and I was filled with a joy that I have never seen to this day.”

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