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Stop The Spinning

By Audra Smith
The 700 Club

CBN.comI couldn’t function as a wife, as a mother, or anything else in the church. I would be on the couch and just keeping my head as still as I could, so that nothing started spinning around.

In my vision, the room seemed to be spinning all around me... everything I looked at.

I had an ambulance ride to the hospital, and that’s where they diagnosed me as having Vertigo.

The doctors at the time that I went told me that there really was no cause for it.

I was just sitting, watching The 700 Club one day, and Terry was giving a Word of Knowledge, and she was telling about dizziness.

When I heard that Word of Knowledge, I just said, "That’s for me! That’s mine, I’m taking that."

Immediately I thought, okay, I am going to just try this out, and I tipped my head a little bit and kind of held on to the couch. I thought, "Oh, I might fall off.”

But it was good, and then I tipped the other way. I was just amazed. I yelled to my mother. She and Elizabeth had been there helping take care of me. I got up and showed her. "I’m fine! Really! You can go home.”

I get to ride horses, and I get to play with Elizabeth and be the wife and mother I want to be. I get to do a lot now that I couldn’t do before.

Jesus is Lord of all, and His name is above all names. Whenever they give something a name of Vertigo or Cancer or whatever it might be, it doesn’t matter because His name is above all names.

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