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A Military Wife's Determination

By Dory Nissen
The 700 Club -Krystal Forbes is a military wife who keeps things running smoothly while her husband Joe is away. When Joe deployed for nine months on the aircraft carrier USS Truman, her attitude stayed positive.

“I support my husband 100 percent. I do my wifely jobs. I do my motherly mobs and that’s what I’m here to do.”

She’s the primary care taker for her son Nicholas who has cerebral palsy. But while Joe was deployed, Krystal had a lot of financial stress to handle. Her van needed expensive transmission work. Plus, the family owed thousands in co-pays as a result of Nicholas’s medical bills. 

It’s very hard. When he emails me and he’s worried about us here at home. I don’t want him to worry about us. I want him to know that I’m doing my best to keep everything under control so he doesn’t have to worry.”
CBN's Helping the Home Front. teamed up Tabernacle Church of Norfolk Virginia, to make this family’s situation a little easier! Renee Carey with Tabernacle met Krystal at a local dealership and told her CBN was paying for the transmission. And the family received another blessing. Krystal had turned off Joe’s cell phone during the deployment to save money. That meant they couldn’t talk to Joe when he pulled into port. So CBN turned his phone back on! Then there were those large medical bills.

“We are going to pay the bills.  And that way you don’t have to worry about that.”
Krystal says, “I’m shocked. I’m emotional. I feel like I’m going to break down. I’m thankful.”

Without the financial stress, Krystal could focus on Nicholas while waiting for daddy to come home.

“Our family is very thankful to CBN's Helping the Home Front and Tabernacle Church of Norfolk for everything they have done for us."

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