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From Hell to Heaven: One Man's Journey to Life-Changing Faith

By Michelle Wilson
The 700 Club -Jordan says, “I went my whole life not believing that hell was real. I said I didn't want to believe in all that dark stuff, you know, uh there's no hell. That's what I thought.  But there is a hell.”

Jordan Samuel believes there’s a hell because he believes he’s been there.

Jordan remembers, “I could hear cackling like laughing, like laughs that were demons.  I could hear stuff.”

Earlier in Jordan’s life he believed that hell existed.

Jordan says, “If I live my life and do the best I can do, like karma wise, you know, what goes around comes around, I'll just be the best man that I can be.”

He grew up in Edmonton, British Columbia with a single mom and went to a catholic school. He was naturally inquisitive and asked a lot of questions about Jesus.

Jordan says, “How could one man come and just die for me?  And you know, who is this guy?”

And for that, he was kicked out of class. 

Jordan recalls, “About my third time getting kicked out of class I remember saying, ‘You know what?  I never want to know this Jesus guy. Whoever He is He just gets me in trouble and I get kicked out of class and no one wants to give me answers about Him and this is how people treat me I don’t want to know.’”

His mom married and for the next 15 years Jordan says his family life was great. Then his mom and step dad divorced. Jordan was devastated. The only way he knew how to deal with the pain was to rebel.

Jordan says, “So whether I was drinking and driving with buddies, and underage driving, stealing cars, and you know, getting stereos and having the thrill of, you know, almost someone catching me, but not quite.”

For the next 4 years Jordan continued his reckless behavior. But he wanted to turn his life around so he stopped selling drugs and started working for an oil rig company.

Jordan recalls, “I was making really good money, had a really good house.”

After work one day Jordan decided to smoke some pot. He didn’t know the pipe he used was laced with crack cocaine, something he had never done before. Jordan was sure he was dying.

Jordan remembers, “And I can feel my heart going, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump --  bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, slow down.  Bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, and then buff, buff, buff, like fluttering.”

Jordan believes in that moment he went to hell.

Jordan says, “All these women and all the things you think you want in the world, money, car, success, you know, all these things that I had.  And I was driving and I was just loving it. And then all of sudden this car breaks down. And all of a sudden these women turned to huge, huge demons.  And the earth quaked.  And I looked behind me and I can hear screaming.  It's all red and black.  ‘Ahhhhhh, turn around!  Turn around!  Get out of here!’ It sounded like people burning.  People that were just-just burning that couldn't find a cure or fix to anything.  It was just the worst.  And I remember being afraid, gripping the steering wheel, and all of a sudden it was like I'm back to my body in the trailer room.”

As Jordan was taking what he thought was his last breath, he made a declaration of faith to God.

Jordan recalls, “And my heart went, boommmmwhhhtttt (mouth noise). Like the last beats. Not even knowing why, I just said, ‘I believe.’  And all of a sudden, boom, I'm gone.”

That’s when Jordan says Jesus pulled him out of hell and took him to heaven.  

Jordan remembers, “He was all in white.  He was in a robe when I saw Him.  And He looked at me and He wears a crown on His head and He looked at me.  And His eyes are fierce like fire, but there is no like-like color, it's just bright looking at me, and He's just – He's like just – He just is amazing. You’re at His feet. You’re at the Lord’s feet because He’s just perfect. You worship Him because He’s the almighty. You worship Him because He saved us.”

Then Jordan believes he was standing before God.

Jordan says, “The Lord went to the right hand of the Father. I began to get judged by the Father.  And it was the worst.  Because what happened was He-He played secrets in my heart that I locked away, that I only knew that I ever did. And I thought no one could do, and I could feel what God felt. And I said, ‘Lord, forgive me.’  Like it was the worst feeling.  And He just comes in and He hugs you.  He says, ‘All is forgiven.’ My old heart was-was broken.  My old heart needed fixing.  And (emotional - smiling) and God gave me a new heart.  All of a sudden He told me that He loved me, that I'm not alone, that I've never been alone.  He showed me all the times in my life that I thought I was lucky, that I thought I was alone, but how His hand was always just upon me and He was always right there pursuing me non-stop. He hugged me again, told me He loved me. And all of sudden it was like ‘Whooooos.’ I'm back in my trailer room on the floor. I grabbed the bible, it was like it was glowing, and I held it and I just prayed. ‘Phhhhhhh’ I open up the bible. First thing I ever read out of the bible was Psalms 34.  ‘The happiness of those who trust in God…’ I began to read it and it was everything that just happened to me.  Only God can do that.”

Jordan shared his journey to heaven and hell with his girlfriend Dannica.

Dannica recalls, “His voice changed. His eyes changed.  His body language changed. Everything about him was new.  It was different.  So there was no doubting that he had had the experience that he did.”

Jordan shares, “My mouth, my words, swearing, everything was like cleansed. Like cleansed. I was delivered from any addiction I had.”

Today, Jordan and Dannica are married with two children. They are missionaries preaching the gospel around the world! They are letting everyone know Jesus is real and that he can change the most hardened heart with his love!

Jordan says, “God loves the broken and loves the lost and He doesn't give up on them.  He loves them with all his heart.  And he comes back. He comes for the lost. He says He leaves the one and He-He leaves the flock to find the one, and He did.”

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