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Margaret Hurtado: Nineteen Years of Pain End with One Word

By Gorman Woodfin and Amy Reid
The 700 Club

CBN.comDoctors successfully removed a cyst from Margaret Hurtado’s hand but left her with something else.

“They messed up the nerves from my fingers all the way to my back,” she says. “It was very painful, so I couldn’t pick up nothing -- not even my children.”

One day Margaret was sitting on her couch watching The 700 Club when Terry Meeuwsen said a Word of Knowledge. “There is somebody… you have a condition in your right hand.  You’re a right-handed person, and it has something to do with your nerve endings. It’s muscular as well. You can’t grip things anymore with your hand.  It’s just been a gradual loss of control of that hand.  God is restoring that to you and balancing your body as He created it to be.”

“So I closed my eyes, I was praying with her and I just felt like somebody pulled the nerve from my elbow to the tips of my fingers,” Margaret says. “They were pulling it real, real hard, and I felt like they were numbing it.”

Terry then said, “The Lord has healed you. Now you can move your hand. Start moving your hand.” Margaret thought that perhaps this healing was for her. So she began to move her hand.

“I went like, ‘Oh my God, I can move my hand!  I can move my hand!’”

Margaret was excited and told everyone about the good news.

“I kept on moving it and moving it. Everybody that was coming to the house, I was like, ‘Look at my hand! Look at my hand! Look!  I got healed! God healed me!  Oh, Praise God, I got healed!’”

Margaret’s pain was over.

“Now I can do my chores,” Margaret says. “I can cook now. I can chop vegetables.  I can do all the things that I couldn’t do for the last 19 years.

“There are people that think that because they go with certain conditions for a long time that God won’t remember. He won’t do nothing, but He does.  He has the time, and the hour that He has is perfect.”

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