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Marypaul Bom: Vanishing Vertigo

By David Ktihcart
The 700 Club

CBN.comMarypaul Bom is an active wife and mother.  She also is an avid horse rider.  But, all that changed one February morning.

She started her day like usual by going to work at the elementary school where she is a counselor.  Suddenly, her world began to fall apart. 

“I could no longer stand up,” Marypaul said.  “I couldn’t hold my head up.  I no longer had balance.  And my husband, Tony, had to come and pick me up and I could no longer work.”

At first, the doctors didn’t recognize what was going on inside her body.  They ran tests, MRI’s and CAT scans.  But, they still were not sure what was causing these symptoms.

“I couldn’t sit outside, because any movement, like birds or leaves, would make me very ill; very nauseated, very weak,” she said.  “Probably less than a minute, minute and a half, I’d have to come immediately in and lay down on the couch.”

Disappointed, Marypaul faced the reality of having to live without the energy and vigor she once had.

“My day consisted of getting up in the morning, coming down the stairs, and lying on the couch,” she said.  “And when you cannot move, cannot move your head, cannot move your shoulders, cannot move your body, or cannot leave your home without your husband’s help, you are…definitely disabled”

“So, it was very, very hard for many, many years,” Marypaul said.  “I basically became a recluse.”

Finally, the doctors diagnosed her with vertigo and she struggled with the debilitating disease for nearly five years.  Then, she turned to an old friend, Karen Abbott, and SIRE, a therapeutic equestrian center in Houston, Texas, for help.

“When Marypaul first came to us, we weren’t sure if we would be able to serve her…,” Abbott said.  “Her vertigo was very severe, so severe that just getting here that day was very difficult for her.  She was unable to move her head or her neck.  She had to move her whole body as a unit.”

During that time, Marypaul and Tony received a card in the mail from The 700 Club inviting them to attend a decided to attend a conference.  Neither expected what happened next.

“I sat and listened to Pat’s teaching,” she said, “and he talked about Abraham and his faith and how important it is for us to have the same faith that Abraham had because God counted Abraham’s faith to righteousness.”

“And Pat said, ‘We need to pray.’  And I started going, ‘OK Lord, pray for dizziness, pray for dizziness, pray for dizziness.’  And Pat says, ‘God’s healing someone of vertigo tonight.’  But I was so busy saying dizziness, dizziness, dizziness that I didn’t hear him.  And I said, ‘What? Wait a minute.  Be quiet.  Vertigo?  That’s me.  I just got my healing!”

The BomsKaren McPhail, Marypaul’s therapist, reported that “the change was miraculous.  Toward the end of the session when she went up to the show for The 700 Club and came back, we had her ride a couple of times and she was back to typical riding.  I didn’t see any evidence of the vertigo any more.”

From that moment on, Marypaul’s life was back to normal.

“I can get out by myself, and go driving by myself, go to the store by myself,” Marypaul said.  “And do all these things by myself I couldn’t do before.  And it’s just a complete turnaround; I have my life back.  God’s given me my life back.”

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