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Nancy Caffee: Grandma Cheats Death

By Michelle Wilson and Dan Reany
The 700 Club

CBN.comOne of Nancy Caffee’s favorite past times is spoiling her grandchildren. That’s why she was delighted the day she visited with her daughter and new grandson. Everything went well until the next morning…

“I kept getting dizzy everytime I tried to get up,” she says. “Then I started having heart papitations and didn’t know exactly what was going on with me.”

Nancy and her husband Jerry went to a doctor. He thought she had the flu but later discovered that she had sepsis -- a rare condition that causes massive swelling, organ failure and sometimes death.

“My whole body shut down. I went into congestive heart failure,” she says. “My lungs filled up with fluid. My kidneys stopped functioning. Everything life sustaining was breaking down and stopping.”

Nancy slipped into a coma while doctors fought for her life.

Dr. Kelvin Wiley remembers Nancy’s case well.

“The number of cases that survive such severe sepsis as Ms. Caffee had is very very low,” he says. “So although we gave her all of the antibiotics we could, she still was not responding.”

Dr. Kevin WileyFive days later Nancy came out of the coma, only to hear shocking news. X-rays revealed that she had 15 lesions on her liver and masses in her lungs that were probably cancerous. Further tests showed that Nancy had blocked bile ducts.

“When someone has bile duct disease that can cause problems with the liver chronically and in fact depending if it’s cancerous could be terminal,” Dr. Wiley says.

“I asked my family, ‘Why didn’t you let me die in the coma? Why didn’t you let me die of sepsis?’ Because I didn’t want to have to face cancer,” she says.

Doctors gave Nancy medications to stabilize her. She was eventually released from intensive care and sent home.

“I had to have someone get me out of bed and stand me up and that was the extent of what I could do,” says Nancy. “I kept saying dear God you know what’s going on through. You know that I’m so weak and so worn out and tired that I can’t utter anything. I just am in your care and I had to depend on other people’s prayers.”

The prayers that went up on Nancy’s behalf were about to be answered.

Nancy recalls, “During my recouperation period I started watching The 700 Club. One day I was sitting and praying with Terry and Gordon. And Gordon said in a word of knowledge.”

There’s someone with problems with your bile ducts and it’s like they’re clogged and you’re not having proper function in that organ. God has just healed you in Jesus’ name. He’s just releasing that now in Jesus’ name. And that go back and get tested because God has done a tremendous miracle for you just now.

Nancy continues, “I was just praising God. I said, ‘Jerry that’s me. That’s me.’ How many people have blocked bile ducts? It’s not a common thing and so I just claimed it.”

Jerry says, “It kind of excited me at that point ‘cause I felt that we really did need to go at that point and get this verified.”

“So I went down there, and he verified it that my bile ducts were indeed unblocked,” says Nancy.

There was more good news for Nancy and her family.

“She went for a biopsy of the liver. The results came back no cancer,” says Dr. Wiley. “She had a repeat x-ray of the lung. That mass was gone. What a miracle!”

Nancy’s complete recovery has everyone giving credit to whom credit is due.

Dr. Wiley says, “The miracle behind the story is not so much that we are to get any glory from it but the fact is to let people know that God still heals and that miracles still happen.”

Nancy with her grandsonToday Nancy has another chance to be apart of those important “firsts” in her grandchildren’s lives.

Nancy says, “To see my grandchildren laughing and giggling and crawling up in my lap… Thank you, God.

“Nancy Caffee is not special. I’m not singled out as being better than anybody else. It can happen to anybody. You just claim it, believe and don’t let it go. You pray without ceasing until something happens. Because something is gonna happen and you don’t ever stop praying.”

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