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Phyllis Kidd: A Pure Heart for Healing

By Ken Hulme
The 700 Club “I was tired all the time. Couldn’t seem to get anything done. My legs hurt real bad.   It felt like something moving inside of them, going up and down inside of my legs. When it would start, I would have to sit down.”

Phyllis Kidd went to a doctor and learned that she had celiac disease – a disease that destroys muscle and prevents the body from absorbing nutrients.

“I had other symptoms as well,” Phyllis says. “I would have bloating in my abdomen. Sharp pains would go through my abdomen. Burning pains… it was real uncomfortable. When I would stay on the gluten-free diet, it helped. But the diet was so horrible to stay on.”

Then one day, while watching The 700 Club, she heard Terry Meeuwsen give a very specific word of knowledge.

“Someone, you have -- I thinks it’s called celiac disease or something like that. It has something to do with your digestive system, and it takes all the vitamins out of your system. God is not only healing the condition, but He’s healing the things that have been caused by it. You will be whole again.”

“When she said that, my heart thumped! I just came alive, because I knew that was for me. God had healed Phyllis. All of my symptoms went away.”

Today Phyllis is back to her favorite pastime.  She’s especially thrilled, because now she can enjoy one of her favorite foods -- wheat bread. She exclaims, “I just rejoiced, because God did heal me. He touched me. I’ve never had any problems with it since. I recently went to my doctor. He tested me for it. It’s gone.

“If you have anything wrong with you and you need God to touch you, all you have to do is have a pure heart. I cried out to God. Mean it and believe it and He will do it.”

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