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Bosco Poon's Change of Heart

By Rob Hull
The 700 Club -Bosco Poon grew up a shy, insecure immigrant from Hong Kong. He longed to fit in somewhere, and a Chinese gang drew him in.  Bosco Remembers, “They introduced me into a world that was so foreign to me, weed, ecstasy.”

But Bosco had a dream—to become a musician. He left his friends and moved to another city to pursue a music career. “I came out and became sober” He says, “Because I was so determined that I wanted to enter into the music industry.”

Two years later his old friends called him with the offer to make some quick cash. Rent them a vacant house his parents owned--no questions asked. He did. He soon found out they had kidnapped a man and hidden him in the basement until the ransom was paid
Bosco remembers “They were very desperate. It’s almost like they were a bunch of animals. I struggled in my head, ‘Should I just run down there and untie him and get him to the police station? Or should I just call 911?’ But also in the back of my mind was all this fear constantly telling me, ‘What if they find that I let the guy go and they turn their rages on me?’ It was then that I realized, ‘What have I done?’”

Within a week police had tracked down and arrested the kidnappers- including Bosco.
“I was put into the police car and into the wagon. Looking at my parents sobbing… Looking at all the neighbors poking their fingers at me...” He says.

Bosco was convicted for his part in the kidnapping and sentenced to 12 years. He entered prison scared and alone. I was like, ‘I don’t know how I’m going to survive in here.’ It was full of violence, drugs, depravity, broken hearts, pain, screaming, crying. So I did a lot of time to reflect on stuff, which I never did before.” He says.

The reality of his situation hit him hard. “I was sobbing, crying out to God” He says, “I was like, ‘Lord are you real? If you are real can you talk to me ‘cause I have nobody else.’ And then this scripture came to me, Jesus says ‘I am always with you even to the end of the age.’ I claimed that scripture and I was like ‘Lord, talk to me if you are real, cause I really need somebody to talk to right now.’ My heart was fully ready to receive God and have a real relationship with him.

Bosco surrendered his life to Jesus. A few weeks later while in prayer, he had an incredible vision. He recalls, “I saw a cloud of great white light coming down from Heaven getting closer and closer until it reaches into my heart, lifted up my heart. I was like electrified. All that I could hear was a voice, ‘Don’t be afraid. I am your Lord and I will rescue you.’ Ever since that experience I talk to Him like I talk to you right now, every day while I was in prison and He just opened up my spiritual ears.”
Tom Rathjen, Bosco’s Prison Chaplin noticed the change, “He has experienced the power of God in his life. Something changed in him that caught him on fire. He was always talking to somebody about the Lord or coming into my office saying, ‘Can we pray for so and so?’

Bosco says “The Lord challenged me one day to pray for my enemies. To be honest with you, I didn’t want to do that I was like ‘No Lord this is too hard.’ But He was like ‘No, take my love and do it. My love is so much bigger than yours. Just focus your eyes on Me; just try to do it.’ And when I did that even though with tears streaming down from my eyes while I was praying for all my enemies, I find freedom. So God rescued me from that as well, rescued me from hatred.

Bosco served four years behind bars. He is out of prison on parole. Today he’s surrounded with a new group of friends including Canadian singer and songwriter Marika and Christian recording artist Brian Doerksen. He shares his testimony and music with others hoping they will meet Jesus as he did.

Bosco says, “The same Jesus who revealed himself to me, the same Jesus that has rescued me is the same Jesus that can come to anyone of us out here. I only live for Jesus ‘cause He saved me. He gave me life. He showed me so many things. He’s the source of my life and He’s my Lord and my Savior. “

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