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Multiple Healings After Years of Prayer

By Rob Hull
The 700 Club“It was very traumatic. It was not what any mom would want to hear,” says Carol.

Carol was pregnant with her first child and had a routine ultrasound. It revealed that her daughter had excessive fluid in her brain. Carol remembers, “The one doctor I had said there was an 80% chance that she would be mentally retarded, blind and/or deaf, because of the compression of the brain while she was forming in my body.”

That same doctor encouraged Carol to have an abortion. She and her husband, Paul Stanzione, didn’t even need to discuss it. “The easiest decision was to change doctors,” says Carol.

Her husband, Paul Stanzione remembers, “God’s given us this child and if He wants us to have this child whatever the issues are, we’re going to have this child.”

Carol carried the baby full term and they name her Sandra. She had several physical deformities. The most noticeable was a missing left eyelid, but there were other problems. Carol says, “And when they started working with her eye they found that she had a hole in her heart. As more and more tests were made, more and more problems would just show up.”

Paul says, “Sandra had kidney issues.”

“We noticed that her left side was not keeping up with the right side. Her left arm was smaller. Her left leg was smaller. So it was a very difficult first year,” says Carol.

One day the doctor gave them more bad news. Carol remembers, “He said that if her kidneys continue to deteriorate at this rate, she would be dead within the year. I just remember hanging up the phone and having my back to the wall and I just slid down the wall and just broke down and cried. And I had no hope. I did not have hope. I did not know where to go. I did not know what to do. My daughter needed healing and I wanted somebody to help pray with me and I went from church to church, and I basically got the same answer, ‘God made her this way. You have to accept this.’ It was devastating; it was a very isolating time,” says Carol.

Carol was flipping through channels one day and found a show she’d never watched before, the 700 Club. “Pat Robertson was on TV and he started talking about a God who still heals, A GOD WHO STILL HEALS! Wow, those are incredible words; I had not heard them at any of the churches. I had not heard them from the people. I just heard that I had to accept the way Sandra was going to be probably in a wheel chair or probably with a walker, but this man on TV said ‘There’s a God who still heals.’ That was amazing. It was amazing. It was exactly what I needed to hear,” says Carol.

Paul says, “When Carol discovered the 700 Club and heard of a God that does heal today, it was awesome. And so we started believing that Sandra can be healed. God can do this.”

“There was hope for Sandra. There was hope,” says Carol.

Carol began watching the show every day. One time, while praying for Sandra’s kidneys, she says she felt power go through her hand as she touched her daughter’s back. The next doctor visit revealed something amazing.

Paul says, “She had another ultrasound and the hole in her heart was gone and they could not find anything wrong with her heart.”

“And I start jumping up and down. I go, ‘Oh, it wasn’t her kidneys. It was her heart. It was her heart.’ And I’m jumping up and down. I’m praising God,” says Carol.

Paul adds, “We began to believe that God can do anything.”

That happened nearly 20 years ago. Since then, Carol and Paul say there have been many more miracles. The biggest one was the joy of watching their daughter grow up. Paul says, “She has eyelashes where they really couldn’t grow. It’s just skin pulled from the side of her face, but God put eyelashes on that eyelid.”

Sandra interjects, “God did that miraculously so I can have eyelashes even though it’s not a typical, normal eyelid.”

Carol says, “The hole in her heart is gone. Her kidneys are now functioning at normal. She has two legs that are absolutely perfect and beautiful. She went on to be a cheerleader.”

“She’s now on the dean’s list at the college she goes to, and I am just so proud of her. There’s nothing she can’t do trusting in God,” says Paul.

Today the Stanzione family says they have been forever changed through the healing power and love of Jesus Christ. “The Bible says all things are possible through Christ, and I just want people to understand that. They can trust Him, and focus their lives around Him because He really is the only One that we can fully depend on and trust in,” Sandra says.

Paul says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.”

Carol says, “I’ve seen His healing touch. I’ve felt His healing touch, and He does heal today. And the biggest story is not the heart or the hands or the legs, it’s the lives that have been changed. There is hope that you just can’t get from the world or even individual religions. It’s about a God who loves us and He still is. It’s very exciting.

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