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The Gays: The Word and the Promise

By Debbie White
The 700 Club

CBN.comAs a young married couple starting in ministry, Robert and Stacy Gay wrestled over the decision to have a second child.  Stacy was ready. Robert was not.

“She said, ‘Lord, I just want confirmation if this is me, if this is You, or if this is something we should proceed ahead on having another child,’” Robert recalls.

The answer came shortly there after at a church conference through prophetic words.

“I didn’t get just one, not two, but three words,” he says. “One of them was: ‘I see a baby,’ and another was: ‘I see you are about to have a child.’ The other was: ‘I see you are going to have a child, and you are going to have this child by the end of the year.’”

Stacy recalls, “’A daughter who would be a dancer in the house of the Lord. She would have an effervescent personality.’”

“Whenever I got those words, I knew,” Robert says. “’Lord this is You.’”

Like many Christians, Robert and Stacy believe that God still speaks today. He often speaks through others using prophetic words.

Robert says, “About the end of March, we found out that Stacy was pregnant.”

But one week later…

Robert Gay“I began to bleed and spot very heavily,” Stacy says. “Having had a miscarriage before with our first child, I knew what it felt like. I knew what the symptoms were.”

After running tests, Stacy’s doctor delivered the devastating news.

Stacy says, “They confirmed that I had what they call a blighted ovum. Pregnancy had taken place, but it had died on the vine. The prognosis was that there was no life in the womb.”

“She called me on the phone and she was crying,” Robert says. “‘What are we going to do? The doctor said I need to go to the hospital and have this D & C procedure.’ And I said, ‘You are not going to do anything. We are going to stand, and we are going to believe the word of the Lord. The word of the Lord said we would have a daughter who would be a dancer in the house of the Lord.'

“That evening when I got home from work, I laid my hands on her stomach and said, ‘You will live and not die.’ We began to agree together, and the church began to pray. We all began to speak life to the womb, and we began to declare the prophetic word that had been spoken over our lives.”

But the bleeding continued.

“It wasn’t something that was easy,” says Stacy. “Because there were many times that I felt like, I am going to the hospital. I don’t care. I’ve got to get out of the torment but you had to remind yourself of the word of the Lord and rehearse it over and over.”

Subsequent visits to the doctor brought the same dire report.

“His report would always be: ‘There’s no life.’ He would get his little heartbeat machine and try to find a heartbeat and could not find one. Every time it was like, ‘You are prolonging your misery. Why do you continue to do this to yourself?’”

The Gays' DaughterBut several weeks later, the Gays received a very different report. A strong heartbeat resounded from the womb.

Eight months later, the astonished doctors delivered a perfectly normal baby girl

For 18 years, the Gays have praised God for their beautiful dancer.

Robert says, “If it had not been for that prophetic word, we would have had every reason to believe what the doctor said and go with his diagnosis. Our emotions were saying all kinds of things, and it is the word that became the anchor for our souls. It was that prophetic word that kept us from being tossed to and fro.”


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