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Clark Walters: The Way of a Champion

By Shawn Brown
The 700 Club -Champion kickboxer Clark Walters simply wanted his life back. He had made his mark on the sport as a 3 time world champion. But in 1999, he was sidelined by an achillies heel injury.

“I went from, you know, a hero to zero real quick. I couldn’t uh, couldn’t do hardly anything. I couldn’t run anymore, you know, I had to fake it in class. And uh it was getting very difficult to even do the simplest moves. I concentrated more my efforts into just teaching and training and helping people out, Clark said.”

Clark’s world was flipped upside down. He looked to God for answers.

“I would, let’s say ask the Lord why—why am I going through this, why am I feeling this pain? And I remember say to Him, Lord, you know, who wants to take karate from the guy that can’t walk?

Clark spent the next 8 years trying to rehabilitate his heel. He managed to keep his injury hidden from his students until one night when he decided to spar with his class and ended up on the mat. 

“I felt lightning strike right through my body, had no idea what, no idea what happned. I’m laying down on the floor, I couldn’t even talk, everybody’s like what’s wrong, what’s wrong, what’s wrong, I couldn’t even tell them, said Clark.”

 Clark had torn his ACL on the same leg as his heel injury. He thought his martial arts career was over. Once again, he cried out to God.

 “I prayed on it a lot. I was asking for Him to intervene.”

Clark went to physical theropy. 4 weeks later, he realized his knee didn’t hurt anymore! He returned to the doctor who confirmed his knee was healed. But that was just the beginning. Not only was Clark’s knee healed, but he could not longer feel the pain in his heel. 

 “As the pain went away through my knee, I didn’t—I kept on waiting like, you know, I’ll bet’cha my heel, I’ll bet’cha I’m going to feel it in my heel, I never did, said Clark.”


Clark believes God completely healed his leg.

“This was the answer to my prayers. I had prayed for this so hard, okay. What I thought was life being taken away from me was life being breathed into me.”  
Clark felt so good, he began training. After 10 years he returned to the ring. With the help of his trainer, Pete Joyner, Clark shocked the kickboxing world  when he won the World Kickboxing  Association Middleweight title in 2011. Today Clark is better than ever.He’s doing what he loves, helping kids and adults alike reach their potential through his  organization, The Way of a Champion, and he wants others to know that with God all things are possible.

 “God turns all things to good. Got to be willing to give it all away. And when you give it all away, the Lord fills that void. And if everybody in the world understood that right now, oh what a world it would be, said Clark.” 

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