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Rod & Marjorie Schmidt: Building a Foundation for Success

By Dory Nissen
The 700 Club

CBN.comRod Schmidt is a construction contractor in Rapid City, South Dakota and has steady work despite of the downturned economy.

He and his wife Marjorie love the mid-west but years ago they had to quickly move to a warmer climate because Marjorie had several health problems. They chose Arizona.

Marjorie says “It did create a real concern as to why my body was malfunctioning so badly.”

Rod thought he’d have no problem getting work as a general contractor.  But he couldn’t seem to win enough bids to get by.

“I couldn’t pay for this, I couldn’t pay for that.  And I was working for one third what I was used to making.”

Then Rod learned a biblical principle on giving 10 percent of your earnings back to God.

“It really struck me that day, it really pierced my heart. And I knew that I was robbing god of tithes and offerings.”

Coincidentally, it was the same lesson Marjorie was learning on the 700 Club.
The Schmidt agreed to tithe and it wasn’t long before Rod’s contracting business picked up. 

He got more jobs and better paying ones until they were once again financially secure. And Marjorie’s health did improve in Arizona.  And when she was completely recovered, she felt God told them to move to Rapid City South Dakota.

Rod’s reaction was, “no way.  I’ve been here 12 years, built a whole new life.  New church, new friends, new business." I didn’t want to go.  And I asked “are you sure you are hearing right.”

Rod began to pray about the move and soon realized, yes, God did want them to move to South Dakota and when they did he began winning contracts immediately, making more than double in his first year, than he made in Arizona.

Rod says “This could only be God that is doing this. No one could arrange all these people and jobs and line up all these things.  It’s god that’s working in my life and giving me this work.”

Marjorie adds “It was a lot of happiness that, wow, look how good God is.”

Rod concludes, “I am totally convinced, as I continue to give, god gives back.  Cause he says give and it shall be given unto you.”

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