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Jose Lloret: On The Edge of His Seat

By Michelle Wilson
The 700 Club

CBN.comJosé Lloret wasn’t thinking about the weather the day he left the office. Distracted by the documents he was reviewing, his foot slipped on some ice, and he went down hard.  

“Suddenly I found myself in mid air, and I fell on my back. At that moment a lot of thoughts were going through my mind: many of them (were) ‘My God I’m really in pain.’”

José didn’t have medical insurance so he dealt with the pain with over the counter medicines. A few days later he felt better, except for one part of his body.

“I noticed that my tailbone was fractured. It’s very uncomfortable because every time you sit down, subconsciously after awhile you have to begin to position yourself like find your spot like leaning in your body so that it doesn’t bother you no more.”

His tailbone pain continued for months, and soon months turned into a couple of years.

“In the wintertime I noticed that when the weather got really cold, then I would feel the pain much more intensely than during the summer time.”

José asked for prayer many times.

“I believe in healing and so from that moment on, the moment I fell I believed that eventually the Lord would find a way to address this very need.”

Then one morning, José   watched the 700 Club as he ate breakfast. That’s when he heard it.

“At this particular morning I’m glad I watched because that was my day. I remember when they started praying and getting the word of knowledge I believe Kristi said, ‘There's another person, you fell, you fell and it's your tail bone that's bruised. It hurts really bad every time you sit. The Lord is healing that right now.’ And here I am with my eyes closed but I had to stop and say, ‘Hey that’s me.’ And I claimed it like we learned through the 700 Club to claim it. ‘This is mine. I claim it. In the name of Jesus.’ And I got excited. I got up.”

The next morning, as José started his day he noticed that something was different!

“I said, ‘Wow, I didn’t have to position myself this morning for my tail bone.’ And then it dawned on me, ‘Hey! Yesterday you received the word of knowledge, so you are healed! That’s right! I’m healed.’”

Since that day in 2010 – the pain has been gone. And that has been especially good news for José who knows firsthand the faithfulness of God.

“For God all things are possible. God is not into small or big but into answering our prayers. So make your healing a personal opportunity to grow in your faith with the Lord.”

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