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Feel Like Your Healing Can't Come Soon Enough?

By Dory Nissen
The 700 Club

CBN.comBonita Mentzer is a busy single mom and works full time.  But a burning sensation in her throat slowed her down. 
“On a pain scale from one to ten, I’d say it was a 10.”

She was diagnosed with acid reflux disease but her prescription medication didn’t help.

“I suffered for quite a long time.”
One day she was watching the 700 club and was enjoying listening to Pat and Terry pray for the viewers.
“Someone with acid reflux as well.  Serious condition.  God is healing that for you right now.” 
“She said someone is out there who has severe acid reflux disease.  I put my hand up and I claim that right now. Just as i did that a great sensation came over me. The burning stopped. And i was like oh my God, God cured me. I was thank you god, thank you.  I was grateful to him i was singing his praises and saying I was like yea.”

And the pain has never returned.  Bonita is very grateful to the Lord.
“Praise God.  He does miracles I am very grateful to him. If god can help me he can help anyone you just have to have faith!”

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